Awaken Chaos Era New Redeem Codes (January 2022)

Awaken Chaos Era just released today in Playstore and Appstore. A lot of players is already searching for these redeem codes to collect all the prize inside.

You can collect so many things like summoning crystals, golds, diamonds, jellies, etc. If you are looking for these prizes without spending any money, then you are on the page.

I will share with you any working codes and tell you the inactive ones so you don’t need to redeem them.

Keep remember to claim these redeem codes as fast as you can, because Century Games as the developer might deactivate these codes anytime they want to.

How to Use Awaken Chaos Era Redeem Codes?

These steps I want to show you are very simple and fast. You can do it in less than 3 minutes to redeem all the codes.

  1. Copy the code you want ro redeem.
  2. Open your game.
  3. Go to “Shuriken” icon menu on the top right corner.
  4. Press Setting that has double gears logo.
  5. Click Account menu, and press Redempetion Code.
  6. Paste the code you want to redeem and press confirm.

To make it faster, don’t close your setting menu. Just move to your browser and copy the new code.

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Active Redeem Codes

Unlike any other redeem codes, in Awaken Chaos Era some of these codes have a level requirement you need to pass before you can collect it.

Redeem Codes





x100 Normal Summoning Crystal x



3* Foody



4* Gale Dagger, x3 Advanced Weapon Charm, x1 Special Weapon Charm



1-Hour Double EXP



100x Diamonds, x10,000 Gold, x100,000 EXP Jelly


Lv. 5

Zachary (Epic Hero)


Lv. 5

Abbot (Epic Hero)


Lv. 10

3x Advanced Summoning Crystals 


Lv. 10

3x Advanced Summoning Crystals

Inactive Redeem Codes

  • LevelUp – 100,000x EXP Jelly
  • ACEBONUS – 30x Advanced Summoning Crystals (Requirements – Player lvl 10)

How to Get More Redeem Codes?

All those redeem codes are published by Century Games. Meaning that if you want to get more codes, you need to wait until they release them.

You can bookmark this page to find those codes. Because I will update it as soon as possible.

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