Call of Antia New Active Redemption Codes (2022)

Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG is a brand new RPG game from FunPlus International AG. This mobile game is a combination of RPG gachas with some puzzle elements in their gameplay. Looking for new active redemption codes for Call of Antia? I will share it with you.

Unlike any RPG game that releases these days, Call of Antia doesn’t use a simple method like Idle or AFK elements. So you still need to concentrate in order to win the game.

The three main elements in this game are battle, magic, and dragon. At least that’s what they say to promote this mobile game in the Play Store.

Even though Call of Antia is still fresh. This game is already downloaded over than 1 million. Undebatable proves that a lot of gamers are already tired of regular Idle AFK games.

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After that simple intro, let’s get back to our main topic. Because Call of Antia is already released a few weeks ago, there is a lot of redemption codes that are already expired.

But at least, you can still get some active redeem codes for your Call of Antia account, which is: Gems, and Gold. Still better than nothing, right?

All Call of Antia Redemption Codes

What I want to share with you down below are all the codes that Call of Antia released. I divide it into two categories. The new active codes that you can still use, and the inactive ones.

Call of Antia Active Redemption Codes

  • BatlleCode – 100 Gems, 50.000 Golds
  • COA777 – 300 Gems

Call of Antia Inactive Redemption Codes

  • LoveRoyalGuard
  • DecemberSecrets
  • Celebrating1000
  • IriliaDungeon22
  • AnnitaResolutions
  • ForYouCommander
  • CallofHalloween
  • 2022antia
  • puzzle777
  • HappyNewYear2022
  • BlackFriday2021
  • GiftOfHonor
  • Puzzle777
  • AJM6C
  • FireOfNaya

How to Use Call of Antia Redemption Codes?

Redeeming all those codes is very simple. You just need a few minutes to redeem all the new active codes.

  1. Open Call of Antia
  2. Press your Profile menu
  3. Choose Setting menu
  4. Tab the Redemption Code button
  5. Paste the code and claim the prize

How to Get More Call of Antia Redemption Codes?

You just need to wait until FunPlus International AG releases the new redemption codes to the public. They usually gonna share it on their official social media account like Facebook.

When they’ve done that, I will share it with you on this page.

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