Idle Arena Chaos Impact New Gift Codes (February 2022)

Idle Arena Chaos Impact shares some new gift codes for each month. Redeem all the gift codes to your Idle Arena Chaos Impact account so you can progress faster. I will share all the new active gift codes for Idle Arena Chaos Impact with you.

This game has a lot of ways to get rewards or diamonds. Using the old methods like clearing stages, finishing quests, and upgrading rank are worthy.

However, all of those methods will take your time. You need a lot of minutes, even hours to grind.

But with gift codes, you can instantly do that. To make your early game phase progress smoother, you want to see this beginner guide.

So these are all the gift codes for Idle Arena Chaos Impact that are still working.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact All Gift Codes

All the codes that I want to share with you are divided into two categories. The first one is the active gift codes that you can still redeem, and the second is the expired code.

Make sure you redeem these codes as fast as possible. All the codes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact have an expiration date.

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Active Gift Codes

Last tested on February 9, 2022

  • IDLE2022 – 1x Advance Hero Scroll, 3x Arena Ticket, 100 Tier up stone,
  • IDLE2021 – 1X Advance. Hero Scroll, 2x Bounty Refresh Scroll, 5x Basic Treasure Scroll
  • IDLE999 – 1X Advance Hero Scroll, 50 Ingot, 500k Gold

Inactive Gift Codes

  • Onemouth
  • Xmas2022

How to Redeem Idle Arena Gift Codes?

Idle Arena How to redeem codes
Image via Kuukigame

Redeeming those codes that you just copied is very simple. You can redeem all the rewards inside those codes in just a few minutes.

So this is how to redeem gift codes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Open your Avatar menu that located on the top-left
  3. Press Gift Code
  4. Paste the code that you already copied.

There is no level requirement to do that. You can do it after you finish the tutorial.

How to Get More Idle Arena Chaos Impact Gift Codes

Kuukigame gives all the codes that I already share. Meaning that we can only get the new gift codes if they share it with the public.

They usually share it on their official account like Facebook or Discord. You can visit them if you want to.

I also like to update all the codes above if there are already new gift codes. I will do that as soon as possible. Right now, we can only wait for it.

After getting all the codes above, you may want to know how to reroll in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

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