Idle Ninja Online New Coupon Codes (February 2022)

Idle Ninja Online is a ninja-style MMORPG. You will find many things related to ninja in this mobile game. Just like any MMORPG these days, Idle Ninja Online also has many new coupon codes for you to redeem.

This game is unique because it combines portrait mode with MMORPG, where the others prefer to use landscape. A new experience, at least for me, where I don’t play this genre very much.

But when we talk about rewards, Idle Ninja Online can make many gamers happy. Especially all the coupon codes that contain many premium resources.

Without any further, let’s start with the first coupon codes.

All Coupon Codes

All the codes in Idle Ninja Online have an expired date. So if you redeem those coupon codes after they expire, that code won’t be work.

But don’t worry, because there are always new coupon codes to redeem in case you miss the old ones.

New Active Coupon Codes

Last tested on February 10, 2022

  • VALENTINEDAY – 3 Hero Shurikens
  • TRUSTSENPAIAYERUN – 2000 Ruby, 2000 Red Flower Cookie

Inactive Coupon Codes

  • NINJACAFE10000
  • DISCORD2000
  • INOCAFE5000
  • INOCAFE4000
  • WELCOME2022
  • CAFE3000
  • DISCORD1000

How to Redeem?

Idle Ninja Online How To Redeem Coupun Codes
Image via Puzzle Monsters

Redeeming all the active codes above is easy, and it won’t take your time. You need 3 minutes to claim all the prizes from those codes.

So this is how to redeem coupon codes in Idle Ninja Online:

  1. Open the game
  2. In the top-right, press the blue three bar button.
  3. Select Setting
  4. There will be a message that says Coupon Code, press Register that located on right side.
  5. Paste the code, then press OK.

All the rewards that you redeem are now yours.

How to Get More?

Getting more coupon codes in Idle Ninja Online is also a simple thing. Like any RPG gacha game, the creator or group behind the game is in charge of sharing all the new coupon codes.

So before Puzzle Monster as the publisher of Idle Ninja Online, shares the new codes for gamers worldwide, we can’t do anything except wait for it.

They are usually going to share the new codes on their fan page account like Discord. Sometimes, there is also a unique or hidden code like the coupon codes representing Idle Ninja Online YouTuber like ayerun.

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