Immortal Summoners Awaken New Gift Codes (February 2022)

Immortal Summoner Awaken is a new 2021 RPG mobile game from KYoo Games. To increase your chance of getting the characters that you want, you need more resources, right? These new redeem gift codes for Immortal Summoners Awaken will definitely help you.

What makes this mobile game different than any other RPG game in the industry is because it has 6 characters that you can use at the same time, while the others only have 5.

Also, the types of rarities in Immortal Summoners Awaken are only three. Meaning that you will get a better chance in order to get the rarest heroes that typically become the most powerful ones.

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If you are new to Immortal Summoner Awaken and want to boost your game account, all of these new active gift codes can help you to boost your diamonds and summon scrolls.

So let’s take a look at Immortal Summoner Awaken’s new redeem gift codes for February 2022.

Immortal Summoners Awaken Redeem Gift Codes

Like any other gift code, there is a limit on how long that code gonna stay active. So I will divide it based on that criterion: the active and the inactive ones. You just need to use the new active codes.

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Immortal Summoners Awaken Active Gift Codes (February 2022)

  • SUMMONERGIFT – x1 summon scroll for all faction each
  • VIPGIFT – 200 Diamonds, x1 24h Hourglass (Gold), x1 24h Hourglass (EXP)
  • xBV50oYJPu – 1000 Diamonds
  • line – 400 Diamonds
  • discord – 400 Diamonds
  • Yearoftiger – 2022 Diamonds

Immortal Summoners Awaken Inactive Gift Codes

  • e2CxXTA3gL
  • voPTJfpY6q
  • SyzVu9xRkc
  • C96XKuGNFH
  • Xmas
  • tDQjOp4aNW
  • Ar1kojRW54
  • gN5akIozxC
  • jbZDsfVi2t
  • DSmQibjaWG
  • 8FdVxLSeoa
  • 6JM5KsAzkt
  • 8ZGqxDkOap
  • b86b3ab064
  • 5fc4e24b24
  • 0e5cbf79c8
  • aec9175eac
  • e768423b75

How to Redeem Immortal Summoners Awaken Gift Codes?

Immortal Summoners Awaken New Redeem Codes
Image via Kyoo Games

It’s very easy to redeem all the new gift codes. You just need a few steps in order to do that. And more importantly, you can redeem all the active codes in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Launch Immortal Summoners Awaken
  2. Open your Avatar menu
  3. Press Order that located on the fourth option
  4. Select CDK with a “Prize” logo
  5. Paste the code you already selected.

How to Get More Gift Codes in Immortal Summoners Awaken?

For this February 2022, you can collect a lot of Diamonds to gift you a chance to summon heroes. But if you want more diamonds by redeeming more gift codes, there is no other way except to wait until KYoo Games decided to release new ones.

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They usually gonna share the new codes on their official fanpage account on Facebook or Twitter.

You can check that out, or this article. I will try to update this page as soon as possible when they release the new codes.

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