Kingdom Quest Idle Game New Coupon Codes (2022)

Kingdom Quest Idle Game rarely shares new coupon codes. That’s why you can’t expect to find new codes for every month. But at least, there are active new coupon codes that you can redeem in Kingdom Quest right now.

This game has a pity system to get a guaranteed SSR hero at 100 pulls. Reaching that number is very for new players in Kingdom Quest Idle Game.

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But with the new coupon codes for Kingdom Quest, it will help you even though just a little bit.

These are the new coupon codes in Kingdom Quest Idle Game:

Kingdom Quest Coupon Codes

Every code has its expired date. It’s infrequent to see a code that has everlasting age.

But because Kingdom Quest Idle Game doesn’t share too many codes, that’s why it only has one code.

Active Coupon Codes

  • KINGDOM2022 – Redeem this coupon code to find great rewards

Inactive Coupon Codes

There are no currently inactive codes.

How to Redeem Kingdom Quest Coupon Codes?

Kingdom Quest How to redeem coupon codes
Image via StormX

The coupon codes you just found can be redeemed in just 1 minute. But because the code is only one, maybe you can do it even faster.

So this the step-by-step how to redeem coupon codes in Kingdom Quest:

  1. Open Kingdom Quest Idle Game
  2. Press your Avatar that located on the top-left
  3. In that tab, press Settings
  4. There will be a button called Coupon on the bottom-right, press it.
  5. Paste the coupon code and press Ok

Now the rewards will go to your mailbox so you can claim them.

How to Get More Coupon Codes in Kingdom Quest?

Kingdom Quest Idle Game’s coupon codes can only be obtained from their official account like Facebook or Discord. So this the step-by-step how to redeem coupon codes in Kingdom Quest:

StormX, the publisher of Kingdom Quest, is in charge of sharing any new coupon codes with the public. So if they don’t, there is no other way we can do it.

And whey they already share new coupon codes, I will update it in this post.

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