Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia New Gift Codes (February 2022)

Knight’s Raid Lost Skyopia is a new RPG mobile game from UnlockGame. You may already be familiar with an idle game because this kind of RPG is very popular in the last year. If you are still new to Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia, you might need to redeem their gift codes while it is still usable. Here, I will share with you all the new active gift codes from Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia.

In February 2022, you can still get one active gift code to redeem to your account in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia. I know it’s a small number, but at least you still get a prize, right? It’s better than nothing.

Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia use different races and class to divide their characters. You will also find an elemental system to make this mobile game looks more complex and strategic.

Also, the number of heroes in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia is very big. It has at least more than 100 heroes that you can choose from. They classified it into different rarities.

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The old way to pull them is by collecting Diamond and gacha them in Summon menu. With these Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia’s new gift codes that I will share with you, you can get a better chance to collect them.

So here it is, all the new active gift codes in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia for February 2022.

Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Gift Codes

To make it easier to understand, I will divide these codes into different categories. The first one is the new active gift codes that you can redeem, and the second one is the old code that is already inactive.

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Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Active Gift Codes

  • FBFeberasd – Redeem this new active gift code to claim some great prizes.

Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Inactive Gift Codes

  • FBJanber777
  • FBJanbermber
  • FBJanberreo
  • FBDecember777
  • FBDecemberwee
  • FBDecemberreo
  • FBDecemberasd
  • FBnmberbagasc
  • FBnmberbagzsc
  • FBnmberbagqpq
  • FBoctbagas
  • FBoctbagqw
  • FBoctbagkl
  • FBoctbagop
  • dumpgamer
  • UNLOCK923
  • skytopia

How to Redeem Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopa New Gift Codes

Redeeming all the codes you’ve already seen above is very simple and quick. You can redeem and claim all the codes in just a few minutes. So this is the step by step on how to redeem those gift codes:

  • Go to the Main City tab. This is the place where you’ve seen a lot of buildings.
  • Press Setting in the left-bottom.
  • There is a Gift Code with a blank tap
  • Paste the code that you’ve already copied in that tab.
  • Collect your rewards.

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How to Get More Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Gift Codes?

All those gift codes that I already share in this post are the codes that UnlockGame as the developer of the Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia has been given to us.

Meaning that we need to wait until they share the new gift codes for us, so we can redeem all of it and collect the rewards.

There is no other way except to do that. But I will try my best to update this post if there are already new codes for Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia.

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