Kosen Fighter New Gift Codes and How to Redeem it (2022)

New games, mean new players. And something that gamers always want is free rewards from gift codes. Fortunately, Kosen Fighter has a lot of new gift codes to share. Kosen Fighter is an AARPG mobile game from Patel Scannel.

Kosen Fighter, just like its genre, is an action RPG where you can move or attack by pressing a skill. Unlike Idle RPG game where you can only watch.

Even though Kosen Fighter is still on early access, you can redeem all the gift codes that I will share with you in this Kosen Fighter new gift code for 2022.

Kosen Fighter Gift Codes

In this Kosen Fighter Gift Codes, I will create two categories to divide the gift codes for Kosen Fighter.

Active codes are the collection of codes that you can redeem into your Kosen Fighter account. Meanwhile, the inactive codes are the codes that have already expired and can’t be used anymore.

Active Codes

Bleach11 – Kosen Fighter Gift Code for free rewards


Bleach88 – Kosen Fighter Gift Code for free rewards


Bleach666 – Kosen Fighter Gift Code for free rewards


Bleach11 – Kosen Fighter Gift Code for free rewards


Bleach99 – Kosen Fighter Gift Code for free rewards


002A9100B2177922 – Kosen Fighter Gift Code for free rewards


Inactive Codes

Because Kosen Fighter is still fresh, all the gift codes for Kosen Fighter are still active.

How to Redeem Gift Codes in Kosen Fighter?

Redeeming all the Kosen Fighter gift codes is very simple and quick. All the steps that I will show to you only require 3 minutes.

So this is how to redeem gift codes in Kosen Fighter:

  1. Open Kosen Fighter
  2. Press Benefit button (Bag logo) that located on the top-right.
  3. In the new Benefit tab, you will find Codes button at the bottom, open it.
  4. Paste the codes that you just copy then press Claim Pack.

And now, all the rewards from that gift code will be transferred to your Kosen Fighter account.

How to Get More Kosen Fighter Gift Codes?

Kosen Fighter new redeem gift codes
Image via Patel Scannell

All the gift codes in Kosen Fighter, including the inactive ones, are created and shared by the Kosen Fighter publisher, Patel Scannel.

Meaning that we need to wait until they share the new gift codes for Kosen Fighter for us to redeem. There is no way to create another way of passing their right, to generate another code.

They usually share the gift codes through their Kosen Fighter media social accounts like Facebook, Discord, or Twitter. I will update these Kosen Fighter gift codes when they share new ones.

What are Gift Codes for Kosen Fighter?

Gift codes are basically a compilation of characters or letters or numbers that you can use to claim some rewards for free. These gift codes are just a savior for F2P players around the world. At least this is how F2P players chase a little spender in any game.

Because Kosen Fighter is an RPG gacha game where you need a bit of luck to get what you want, having more resources so you can have more chances to pull is required.

And gift codes are the answer to that problems.

What is Kosen Fighter?

Kosen Fighter is a mobile action RPG game that uses Bleach (Anime and Manga) as the main attraction.

You will see a lot of Bleach characters in Kosen Fighter that you usually see in the Anime like Ichigo, Grimmjow, Kenpachi, and much more. Playing them with this kind of RPG, not idle, is such a pleasure in itself.

The point of Kosen Fighter is you need to clear any stages or challenges that you face to claim rewards, so you can use it to upgrade your team and play on the higher challenges.

Kosen Fighter is available on the Play Store.

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