League of Pantheon New Active Redeem Codes (2022)

If you just start a new account in League of Pantheon and look for their new active redeem codes, then you will find it here.

You will find 4 League of Pantheon active redeem codes that you can use to claim some good amounts of reward.

Just like any other RPG gacha mobile game, all of these redeem codes in League of Pantheon are free.

League of Pantheon is the newest game from NEOCRAFT Limited. This mobile game is a combination of RPG genre, with an idle casual style. All you need to do is just watch your characters attack and defeat any enemies.

Now after a few glances at what League of Pantheon is, let’s get back to our main topic, which is League of Pantheon new active redeem codes.

All League of Pantheon Redeem Codes

This are the list of all League of Pantheon redeem codes that you can convert for free Advanced Summon Scroll, Diamond, Treasure Ticket, Gold, XP Potion, and even Revelation Summon that you can use to reroll.

To make it easier, I also put the inactive one below so you don’t need to claim it.

League of Pantheon Active Redeem Codes

  • LOP999 – 200.000 Gold, 200.000 EXP, 1 Revelation Summon
  • LOP2022 – 300.000 Gold, 100.000 EXP, 200 Diamonds
  • LOPTREASURE – 10 Advanced Summon Scrolls
  • WELCOMETOLOP – 1 Treasure Ticket, 1 Advanced Summon Scroll, 100 Diamonds

League of Pantheon Inactive Redeem Codes


How to Use League of Pantheon Redeem Codes?

No matter what device u are using, redeeming codes in League of Pantheon is still the same. The good news is, you can redeem all these codes in less than 2 minutes.

  1. Open League of Pantheon
  2. Tab your Avatar profile that located in left top corner
  3. Press Setting that has double gears logo
  4. Press a button called Redeem Pack
  5. Paste the code

How to Get More League of Pantheon Redeem Codes?

All of those League of Pantheon redeem codes is given for free by NEOCRAFT Limited, and they are the only one who can share new codes or turn of the existing active codes.

As a player, we can not do anything about it, except wait until they share the new redeem codes for their latest mobile game.

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