Onmyoji Gift Codes and How to Redeem Code (Complete)

Onmyoji gift codes can help you to buy more heroes. All the gift codes that are available have many functions, redeeming all Onmyoji codes will definitely boost your mobile game account.

Onmyoji is an old MOBA mobile game with a lot of Japanese themes affecting the game. From the characters, map, UI, etc. Getting more heroes is what you need, and by redeeming Onmyoji gift codes, you will be much closer.

Because Onmyoji was released a few years ago, doesn’t mean that this mobile game does not have a gift code. You will be amazed by how much the rewards you will get by redeeming Onmyoji gift code.

So let’s start to see all the gift codes for Onmyoji.

Onmyoji Gift Codes to Redeem

All the codes that I share in this part is Onmyoji gift codes that you can redeem into your in-game account right now. This is the list of all active codes for Onmyoji.

fmftqmwaew – Redeem this Onmyoji code to grant rewards. Press the code:


fn8jer6ra8 – Redeem this Onmyoji code to grant rewards. Press the code:


fke87kht36 – Redeem this Onmyoji code to grant rewards. Press the code:


fpx4cmtnyf – Redeem this Onmyoji code to grant rewards. Press the code:


fqjjxcmrmq – Redeem this Onmyoji code to claim prizes. Press the code:


Onmyoji Expired Redeem Codes

I put all the expired redeem codes of Onmyoji in this section. This is the list of all redeem codes that you can’t redeem anymore.

There are no inactive redeem codes right now. Meaning that you can redeem all Onmyouji gift codes right now.

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Onmyoji Complete Gift Code

This is the list of all Onmyoji gift code, including the inactive one. The codes that I place here don’t have any classification.

  • fn8jer6ra8 – Redeem this Onmyoji gift code to claim rewards.
  • fpx4cmtnyf – Redeem this Onmyoji coupon code to claim rewards.
  • fke87kht36 – Redeem this Onmyoji redeem code to claim rewards.
  • fqjjxcmrmq – Redeem this Onmyoji code to claim rewards.
  • fmftqmwaew – Redeem this Onmyoji code to claim rewards.

How to Redeem Code in Onmyoji?

Redeeming each code in Onmyoji is very easy. All you need to do is just a few simple steps. After you know how to redeem one gift code, redeeming the rest code will be easier.

So this is how to redeem Onmuoji gift code:

  1. Open Onmyoji on your smartphone
  2. Press Jizo Statue (top-left)
  3. Press Notification button
  4. Tap Code Redemption button
  5. Enter Onmyoji gift code

The rewards that are hidden inside the coupon code are now transferred into your game account. You can check your Mail to claim all the rewards from the Onmyoji coupon code.

How to Get More Coupon Code in Onmyoji?

Onmyoji Gift Codes to Redeem
Image via NetEase Games

To get more code for your Onmyoji mobile game account, you can visit the official game account of Onmyoji. They usually gonna share the newest redeem code in there.

Because NetEase Games is the publisher and developer on Onmyoji. They have all the control to create and share the new coupon code. Meaning that we need to wait for them if we want any new gift code.

I will also this page if there is a new redeem code for Onmyoji.

What is Onmyoji Gift Code?

If you want to play Onmyoji, you can find this mobile game in Play Store and App Store.

Onmyoji Arena is a mobile game that uses MOBA as its genre. If you were already familiar with Mobile Legends, this game has the same genre. But for Onmyoji, this mobile game is an RPG game that adapts heroes from Onmyouji Arena.

Having Onmyoji gift codes can benefit you in terms of out-game resources. Meaning that you use that resources to buy more preparation items and gacha more heroes.

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