Petmon World Codes and How to Redeem it 2022 (New)

Petmon World is a pokemon adaptation mobile game from Zhao Min. Pokemon World uses a unique graphic style and combines it with fun gameplay and many new redeem codes to share. If you are looking for Petmon World new redeem codes, you are in the right place.

In Petmon World, you need to gather a lot of pokemon to help you clear your mission. One way to do it is by collecting and redeeming every redeem codes that you find.

In that way, you will collect more resources to use them to gacha your favourite pokemon, and search for new pokemon. So redeem codes in Petmon World is essential to help you progress the game.

So this is the list of all redeem codes for Petmon World, including the active redeem codes that you can redeem right now.

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Petmon World Codes: Active Codes and Inactive Codes

Petmon World redeem codes comes from time to time. So there are old codes that have already become expired codes and the new codes that are still available for you to redeem; these codes will be classified as active redeem codes.

Petmon World Active Codes: New codes ready to redeem

cggztvr8 – Redeem this code to claim some great rewards in Petmon World. Press the redeem code to copy:


Petmon World Inactive Codes: Expired Codes

There are no expired codes in Petmon World. All the redeem codes in Petmon World is still available for you to redeem.

How to Redeem Codes in Petmon World?

All the redeem codes that you just copied can be redeemed in just 1 minute. Besides there is only 1 available redeem code at the moment; the method you need to do to redeem the code is straightforward.

This is how to redeem code in Petmon World:

  1. Launch Petmon World
  2. Open your Avatar that located on the in top-left side.
  3. There will be a Code button with yellow collor that contained inside your nickname, you just need to press it.
  4. Paste the the redeem code that you just copy and tap Redeem.

And now the rewards from the code that you just copied will send directly to your Petmon World account. Just do the same for other codes until there are no available codes left to redeem.

How to Get More Redeem Codes in Petmon World?

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Image via Zhao Min

Petmon World can’t escape the boundaries of a concept that codes are only available if the developer wants to share the new codes.

Every redeem code in Petmon World, it doesn’t matter if those codes are still active or have already become expired codes, is always using this concept.

Until Zhao Min, the publisher of Petmon World, chooses to share the new redeem codes, we can’t do anything except wait for the new codes to share.

Petmon World usually shares the new codes in their official account like Discord. You can find the new redeem codes there. But I will also update these redeem codes for Petmon World as soon as they update a new code.

What are Redeem Codes in Petmon World?

Redeem Code is a collection of numbers or letters that make one list of codes. Redeem code is meant to be a helpful way to make all players in Petmon World progress faster in the game.

Those codes sometimes become a symbol of how generous a developer and publisher is. If they tend to share a lot of new codes each month, players going to say it as a F2P friendly game, and vice versa.

Because you can redeem all the codes for free, more than that, you don’t need to complete any challenging tasks to get the prizes inside the code.

What is Petmon World?

Petmon World is an adventure semi open-world RPG gacha game that’s released in 2022. You will play the character you already choose at the beginning of the Petmon World.

Starting from there, you will start your adventure in Petmon World by collecting knowledge about the World you lived in and collecting more pokemon. Your pokemon will be there to help you fight other pokemon from another trainer in Pet World.

Collecting more pokemon will be much easier using the redeem codes above.

The battle gameplay and graphic style of Petmon World have a lot of similarities to many Japanese RPG games.

Why Petmon World Goods?

Classic Pixel Style

Pixel graphics sometimes become gamers’ favourite when executed well; Petmon World eventually is here to make it work.

Capture Monster

Just like any pokemon game on any console or mobile device. Your main task in Petmon Worlds is collecting pokemon as much as possible. Then build the best Petmon World team on the server.

Summon Dragon to Fight

One thing that makes Petmon World feels unique is that there is a dragon system in Petmon World. You can use a dragon in Petmon World to help you win the game.

Super Evolution

One way to make pokemon stronger is by evolving them. Petmon World, of course, has this system too. You can evolve the pokemon you just acquire and evolve them in Petmon World.

How to Play Petmon World?

You can get Petmon World for free in the Play Store. This is the specification of Petmon World:

  • Petmon World Android version: 5.0 and up
  • Petmon World size: 233 MB
  • Petmon World Content Rating: Everyone
  • Petmon World in-app Products: $0.99 – $299.99 per item
  • Petmon World developer: Zhao Min
  • Petmon World publisher: Zhao Min

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