Silkroad Online New Gift Codes and How to Redeem (2022)

Silkroad Online gift codes can give you many rewards. All you need to do is redeem the code into your Silkroad Online in-game account. And the rewards is now yours.

Silkroad Online is an RPG game from ICCGame. You need to build a team full of the best heroes in the game in order to progress. Besides farming and grinding, redeeming gift codes is one way to achieve it.

Even though this mobile game is already aged for a few years, many gamers are still playing this game, and that’s why I create Silkroad Online new gift codes and how to redeem the codes.

Silkroad Online New Gift Codes to Redeem

This is the list of all new active codes for Silkroad Online mobile games. You can redeem all the gift codes right now into your account. All you need to do is just press the code and put it into your Silkroad Online account.

KMdohoq1yq – Redeem this Silkroad Online Code to get prizes. Press the code to copy:


bf2b71a6e10002 – Redeem this Silkroad Online Code to grant rewards. Tap the code to copy:


Silkroad Online Inactive Codes

The gift codes that i listed in here are expired codes that you can’t use anymore. Some of them werei8 granted players a big amount of rewards.

  • silkroad

Silkroad Online All Codes

I include all the codes of Silkroad Online in this section. Both active and inactive codes. As you already know, what matters is only the active codes for this mobile game.

  • KMdohoq1yq
  • silkroad
  • bf2b71a6e10002

How to Redeem Code in Silkroad Online?

Redeeming all the codes in Silkroad Online is an easy thing. You only need a few minutes to do all of that. Not only because there are few active codes, but the method is also very easy to understand.

You can redeem all the Silkroad Online gift codes in less than 2 minutes. So this is how to redeem Silkroad Online gift codes:

  1. Launch Silkroad online on your mobile phone
  2. In the main screen menu, press your Avatar
  3. Open Redeem Pack
  4. Fill the Silkroad Online gift code, and press Confirm

Now the rewards contained inside the Silkroad Online gift codes are transferred into your mobile game account.

You can enjoy the rewards to increase and upgrade your heroes’ level so you can pass more stages in the game.

How to Get More Silkroad Online Gift Code?

Silkroad Online New Redeem Codes
Image via ICCGame

All the gift codes that you’ve seen above are shared by ICCGame as the team behind Silkroad Online. They are the only one that has the ability to share a new gift code for this mobile game.

The easiest way to get more codes for your Silkroad Online account is by following their social media account. They are usually gonna share it on their Facebook or Discord.

I will also update these Silkroad Online gift codes once they’ve already created a new one.

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