Cookie Run Kingdom Cocoa Cookie Best Topping Build (2022)

In Cookie Run Kingdom community, Cocoa Cookie build is one of the most asked questions. She becomes a debate, is she really a META cookie? or just another strong but not too strong Cookie?

From this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, I put Cocoa Cookie as an S-tier. Yes, she is strong. But not strong enough to put her into an SS-tier just like Cotton Cookie.

But, with the right Cocoa Cookie Build, you can maximize her potential so you will get an easy moment to clear any stage. Don’t stress yourself in a hard time by using the wrong build.

See also:

  • 5-set Solid Almond Topping (DMG Resistance)
  • 5-set Swift Chocolate Topping (CD Reduction)

Two of them are the best in slot Topping for Cocoa Cookie. Just choose one of them depending on what you prefer, or maybe you can try each of them to know what suited you the most.

Why Solid Almond is Better?

Solid Almon Topping can increase Cocoa’s DMG Resistance. This topping is very important to her because as a Tank, she needs to be as hard as possible. Tanking all incoming damage isn’t an easy job, even for a S’tier Tank like Cocoa.

By giving this full set of toppings, you can make her into a reliable Tanker. In case you don’t know, Cocoa’s Basic Attack will heal three party members with the lowest HP. So it means, even though you place her in the frontline as a Tank, she can act as a Support as well.

Normally, if a Tank dies first, it means she already did a good job by sacrificing herself so her teammates can win the game. But that’s not the case with Cocoa, if you lose her, you lose an important Healer too.

Why Swift Chocolate Topping is Better?

Swift Chocolate Topping will reduce Cocoa’s CD. This topping can match her perfectly. Turn her into more solid Support to your team members. Give any really helpful buff to your teams as fast as possible before something dangerous happens to your team.

We already know that her Basic Attack can heal up to three allies. But with her skill called Cocoa is Love, she can heal the entire party members. Not just that, she can deal damage and give Stun Immune for 8s.

That’s a really good skill, especially the Stun Immune. This skill will counter one the most deadly Cookie in PvP like Sea Fairy Cookie. To make it works, you need to cast it first, and Swift Chocolate is here to help you do that.

What Do I Choose?

If you still don’t really sure about what’s you need to choose. Maybe you can follow what I choose.

For PvE, I will use Solid Almond to increase Cocoa’s toughness. Mobs in PvE can hit really hard, and if Cocoa dies first, or dies too fast, my whole team will be in trouble cause I lose a healer as well, not just a Tank.

And in PvP, because Sea Fairy Cookie is very popular, almost every player in every rank uses her, casting skill first will be a very important task to do if you want to win the game.

You can acquire her by collecting her stone, or pulling her in her featured banner. She will be there along with Cotton Cookie from December 2021, until mid-January 2022.

Her skill has many useful abilities to help you in PvE or PvP.

Cocoa is Love

  • 15s CD.
  • Stun Immunity for 8s.
  • Healing for 42,8% (0,58%/Lv) of ATK.
  • Single Hit DMG for 41,7% (0,57%/Lv).

Cocoa Cookie jumps into a giant cocoa mug, spinning while dealing constant damage to enemies. She also heals all party members’s HP, except summoned creatures, and gives them an anti-stun effect. She cannot be interrupted while using this skill. Also, instead of attacking the enemy, her Basic Attack will heal three allies with the lowest HP.

Cocoa Cookie Story

"Even if her dough is 80% cocoa, she's always sipping hot cocoa, even during the summer time. Her marshmallow hat is so deliciously sweet, she needs to resist the temptation of taking a chunk out of it and dipping it into her cup. Her plump smooth cheeks just add to her charm! When she indulges in a freshly prepared cup of cocoa, all her worries melt away." - Cocoa Cookie 

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