Cookie Run Kingdom Cotton Cookie Best Topping Build (2022)

Cotton Cookie build becomes as important as Cocoa Cookie’s build. She can deliver an amount of big utility to your Cookie Run Kingdom team.

She is a support and a great one. Just place her in a rear spot so she can’t die easily. In this tier list, I put her as an SS-tier cookie alongside Cocoa Cookie that releases at the same moment.

Because Cookie Run Kingdom releases them at the same time. Maybe, you gonna put some extra time choosing between one of them. But after all, whatever your choice, both of them is a decent cookie that won’t break your expectation. But only if you can build them correctly.

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  • 5-set Swift Chocolate Topping (CD Reduction)
  • 5-set Searing Raspberry Topping (ATK Increase)

Even though many people choose between Swift Chocolate or Solid Almond, I still prefer to replace Solid Almond with Searing Raspberry. I will explain why in the content below.

If you can’t make a full set topping, you can also combine both of them for example like, 3-set of Swift Chocolate and 2-set of Searing Raspberry. It is still a good choice actually.

Why Swift Chocolate Topping is Better?

Swift Chocolate will reduce Cotton Cookie’s CD. It’s a very good combination because she can spam her skill more often. The reason why she becomes an SS-tier cookie is because of her sheep.

Her sheep act like Licorice’s summon skill, but what makes it different is because Cotton Cookie can heal too.

Spamming her skill means you can heal and get her others utility like stun, summoner ATK buff, and extra Tanks more often.

If you have a few summoner cookies and want to put them in one party, this topping will do a great job. She is a very important cookie for this kind of team.

Maximizing Cotton Cookie’s heal and ATK buff at the same time can’t get any wrong.

Why Searing Raspberry Topping is Better?

Searing Raspberry is basically an unexpected topping for a Cotton Cookie. You might think why does a support cookie even need that kind of topping that increases her ATK?

First of all, yes, I agree with a lot of people that Cotton Cookie can use Solid Almond. It will increase her toughness when facing backstrap cookie like Vampire Cookie.

But for me, I still prefer Searing Raspberry for her other choice is because of Cotton Cookie’s healing scaling from her ATK. The more ATK you have, the faster you will regen your HP. Also, It will increase your sheep’s charged attack.

Searing Raspberry even though is a good topping, you need to at least have one Rear or Mid DPS that can deal high damage to the enemy’s Ambush cookie. If you don’t have one, you may also combine it with Swift Chocolate or even Solid Almond.

What Do I Choose?

For support cookie like Cotton Cookie, I still prefer Swift Chocolate as her main topping. Both in PvE or PvP.

You will basically increase all of her skill’s effects with this topping. There is no such thing as increasing her healing only.

On the other hand, Searing Raspberry only increases her healing.

And there’s Solid Almond that can increase her toughness only. Why do I say only? Because in some scenarios, Rear cookie doesn’t really need toughness. It will be better if your invest more in healing so that tankyness upgrade will belong to your Tank.

You can get her by collecting her stones. If you think you are lucky enough, you can pull her in a featured pull that comes from December 2021 until January 2022.

A Warm Light

  • 75% ATK increase summoned characters
  • Sheep Stampede: stun for 1s.
  • Sheep Herd: 157,8 % of the Cookie’s DEF, 124,5% of ATK, 111.4% of HP.
  • Healing: 9,9 (ATK) every 1s for 9s.

While Cotton Cookie’s lantern shines, the warm light will summons sheep that charge and stun the enemies, they will be there to fight and tanking incoming damage. Also, increase the summoned creatures’ ATK and recover allies’ HP.

Cookie Run Kingdom Cotton Cookie Story

 "The soft and warm cotton fluff in Cotton Cookie's dough granted her a heart so warm not even a raging blizzard could scare her off. The way she handles her flock of cute wooly sheep ever so gently with her tiny lantern in hand can make anyone feel at peace! Having a lantern in Cotton Cookie's land of constant snowfall is very important: not only stray sheep but also Cookies lost among the dreary white hills depend on it. Cotton Cookie can often be seen restlessly looking at the sky on snowy days—as though expecting to find something amidst the drifting snowflakes. Sometimes, she mentions a Cookie dear to her: her serene, calm face lightens up, making the listener wonder... what happened? Will we ever learn that someone out there is keeping a piece of these snowy plains in their heart? And that a warm yellow light of the tiny lantern will always shine for that special someone. Always." - Cotton Cookie.

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