Licorice Cookie Best Topping Build 2022 (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Licorice Cookie is old. Not because of his looks, but his first appearance as a playable cookie. He is one of the first pillars of the Cookie Run Kingdom’s releases.

However, from that time until now, players always put Licorice as a high-tier cookie. And building the best topping for him is not too hard.

One reason why Licorice is very powerful is that he is a reliable summoner. You can use his servants as your second tank. They are there for your team to fight until death. In this tier list, I put him as an S-tier cookie.

More than that, Licorice Cookie can also buff your entire part members’ DEF. Meaning that he can also be classified as support. But did you know that his main role is Mage?

So besides all of those important things, Licorice Cookie can also deal a big amount of damage.

He is basically a Jack of All Trades in this mobile game.

So let’s see how to build Licorice Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Swift Chocolate Topping (DMG Resistance)
  • Searing Raspberry Topping (ATK)

You can choose between one of them. They are considered as the two best toppings for Licorice Cookie. Not by me only, but a lot of players.

Both of them can maximize your main potential as a summoner and mage but in a different way.

You just need to choose one, depending on your preference and what you have. I still stick with 5x topping builds rather than 3x+2x topping builds.

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Why Swift Chocolate Topping is Better?

Swift Chocolate Topping is about amplifying what you can do by spamming it more. This is a good build that is suited for almost every cookie in this mobile game. Especially because Licorice Cookie is a mage.

Using this topping build means you already trust your other damage dealer. I know that he can deal more damage over time by spamming it more. But in the end, it is still not enough if you compare it with the second topping build that I will share with you.

Why Searing Raspberry Topping is Better?

At first, I thought I can use Solid Almond because of how good is Licorice Cookie’s utility for the team. But unfortunately, his servants scale their defense from the DEF stat.

But with Searing Raspberry Topping, you can use it not only to amplify your damage but your servants as well.

Meaning that you will get multiple benefits at the same time.

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I’m having a hard time answering this question. Both of them are very good in their own way.

But I still prefer Swift Chocolate Topping Build. Licorice Cookie is a mage but can be a support also. I’m not seeing him as my main damage dealer, but as a Jack of All Trades.

With Swift Chocolate, Licorice can help your tank to stay on the battlefield much longer, by splitting the damage received.

Since Licorice Cookie is an old cookie since Cookie Run Kingdom’s release, a lot of players may already collect his soulstone. But if you haven’t you get him by pull in the gacha banner.

Licorice Servants

  • Damage: 239% (3,3% DMG/Lv.)
  • Licorice Servants: 5% ATK, 50% HP, 150% DEF
  • Increase DEF by 20% for 7s

Casts black lightning and summon Licorice Servants. Increasing all allies DEF.

Licorice Cookie’s Story

“With a great portion of the blackest licorice extract in his dough and a grim-looking scythe, this Cookie is up to no good. From a young age, Licorice Cookie dreamed of becoming a wizard but never received the recognition he so rightfully deserved. Eventually, he turned to the forbidden arts of Black Magic. With time, Licorice Cookie assembled a small army of Chewy Licorice Servants raised to do his bidding. On his dark path, he met Dark Enchantress Cookie. The might of the sorceress astonished Licorice Cookie, and it didn’t take long before he swore his allegiance. Now, the Cookie is working flat out to earn his new mistress’s favor. And it seems like Dark Enchantress Cookie is not easily pleased, as Licorice Cookie’s diary filled with everyday rants and complaints could fill up a library.”Licorice Cookie.

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