Cookie Run Kingdom Parfait Cookie Best Topping Build (2022)

Parfait Cookie is a support cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom that was released on 17 August 2021. She is good as support. But is she good enough as an overall character? Yes, and it will be much better if you know how to build her.

As a support, she can do many things for your team, not only healing. So that’s why Parfait cookie is included in the high-tier cookies.

This is a typical cookie that you always need the most, a cookie that can benefit you, and help you to win the game.

Building the best topping for Parfait Cookie is not too hard. So, let us start with how to do that.

  • 5x Swift Chocolate Topping (CD Reduction)
  • 5x Searing Raspberry (ATK Increase)

That’s the two best recommendation topping for Parfait Cookie. Both of them are good, but I will tell you the reason one by one, so you can choose it by yourself.

And later, I will tell you what I prefer from my perspective if you are still confused about what you better use.

Why Swift Chocolate Topping is Better?

As support, her skill is what you need the most. And by giving the Swift Chocolate topping for her, you can get that benefits by spamming more.

Like I already mentioned before, Parfait Cookie will help your team not only by healing, but by giving your team a defense and resistance buff. In a lot of scenarios, this buff will be very important. It’s like increasing your allies’ toughness by giving double buff at the same time.

This thing can be applied in both PvP and PvE.

Why Searing Raspberry is Better?

She kinda looks like Cotton Cookie, her heal is scaling from her ATK. Meaning the higher her ATK, the better she will heal.

14,4% healing from ATK. That’s actually higher than what Cotton Cookie has, which is 9,9%. With this build, Parfait Cookie will heal like a real doctor.

But, if you prefer this topping rather than Swift Chocolate, you better make sure that your team’s Tanker is a really good one. Because you will sacrifice her maximum potential to buff your team’s defense.

What Do I Choose?

I choose Searing Raspberry on this one. Why? because Parfait’s scaling with ATK is kinda higher than any other healer.

If in my previous build, I always stick to Swift Chocolate, is because their scaling is not that high. That’s why I prefer to spam more often.

But if you still prefer Swift Chocolate, that’s also a good option. In the end, as a support, using this topping is never been wrong. Cookie after cookie is already proven that.

Just stick with what you get, don’t push yourself too hard to gain something that is only better by a little bit.

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You can pull her in the Cookie Banner, there’s always a chance for you to get her. Or, you can obtain and collect her stones. The second one is better, because when I write this guide, her special banner is already ended.


  • Healing 14,4% of ATK every 1s for 7s (+0,2% healing per Lv.)
  • CD: 17s
  • Buff: 10% Deff for 7s.
  • Buff: 40% Debuff Resist for 7s.

Grabs the microphone and sings for allies while giving them HP recovery and increasing their DEF and Debuff Resistance.

Parfait Cookie Story

"In a time when there's never a day without a new hot celebrity idol, this singer-songwriter Cookie desperately tries to stick out with sweet toppings in vivid colors! Parfait Cookie's distinct style involves layers of chocolate and candy, topped with dripping syrup. Despite still being a rookie, this Cookie already has dozens of self-written songs. Parfait Cookie's melodies may be just as creative and unique as her colorful mixture of toppings, but her lyrics are always as pure and honest as vanilla ice cream. "It doesn't matter if the audition goes bad, if no one recognizes me, or even if my toppings melt in the summer rain! I keep playing my guitar and sing about the truth in my heart." - Parfait Cookie

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