Cookie Run Kingdom Pumpkin Pie Cookie Best Topping Build (2022)

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is a unique cookie if we talk about her debuff effect. She can reduce enemies’ healing received. Meaning that she can counter almost any support cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Fortunately, building her topping is not too hard.

Based on my Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, I put Pumpkin Pie in the SS-tier. She is very OP because of how good and how rare her skill is.

Besides reducing enemies’ DEF like Dark Choco Cookie can do, reducing healing effect is also OP. They are on par. Having both of them in the same team party will make a serious problem for your enemies.

So now let’s talk about how to build the perfect topping for Pumpkin Pie Cookie. And in case you don’t have it, I also make the alternative topping.

Topping Build

  • 5x Solid Almond Topping (DMG Resistance)
  • 5x Swift Chocolate Topping (CD Reduction)

All of these toppings can help you to utilize your skill’s effect. Both of them can maintain your skill much longer, even though they use a different way.

Searing Raspberry might be your third alternative because she is a magic cookie. But actually, I don’t really recommend it since her skill doesn’t do much damage like other magic cookies.

Pumpkin Pie’s main selling point is her debuff. That’s it, you don’t really need any damage improvement for her.

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Why Solid Almond is Better?

Like I already said before, this topping build can help you to maintain your skill much longer by giving you more protection.

As long as she lives, Pumpkin Pie can use her skill to reduce enemies’ healing power.

Not to mention that a lot of your opponents will use AoE DMG or ambush cookie to penetrate their damage straight to her, passing your main tank and Pompon.

This topping build is good if you want to play saver, or you want Pompon to become a true tank.

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Why Swift Chocolate is Better?

With this topping build, you sacrifice your defense to play more aggressive in hope that you can win the game faster before Pumpkin Pie die first.

Losing her on the battlefield is such a big loss. You give your enemies their advantage as they should be.

But if you are pretty sure that your Tank is reliable and good enough to protect her, or at least your enemy doesn’t use powerful ambush cookies, then you can use this build.

What Do I Choose?

Solid Almond for PvP. Better prevent your enemies from killing Pumpkin Pie. Since right now there’s a lot of cookies with great AoE DMG

For the PvE, you can use Swift Chocolate topping. Especially if the the majority of your enemies use single target DMG. But, using Solid Almond is still a good topping build even for PvE.

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How to Get?

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is first presence in Cookie Run Kingdom is in late October 2021. Some people might still not have her soulstones, if so, just pray so you can bring her to your kingdom by pulling her in the gacha system.


Pompon, Help!

  • Summons Pompon that has 44,4% ATK (+0,55-0.56% ATK/Lv.), 382,3% HP, and 188,0% DEF
  • Pompon’s Strike Attack DMG: 170.0%
  • Increase ATK SPD 45% when Pompon is alive
  • Reduce Healing 70% for 3s
  • CD: 18s

Summons giant pet named Pompon, attacks 3 enemies and reduces their healing. Pompon also buff allies with ATK SPD as long as he lives. Pumpkin Pie Cookie has decreased first CD skill.


"It's Halloween, a time of spooky fun for all ghosts and Cookies. And amidst the Jack-o'-lanterns adorning the streets, stands Pumpkin Pie Cookie watching others dressed up in their costumes. Perhaps it's the because she was made of a pumpkin that grew in the shade of an abandoned house, untouched by the sun, but she seems... distant, even though she has a smile on her face. One might try to escape this Cookie's uncanny presence, but there is something eerily captivating in the way she slowly bats her eyelashes... Pumpkin Pie Cookie's favorite things on Earthbread are her fluffy and poofy dress that resembles a pumpkin and the old, tattered doll she always carries around. This Cookie will hold your hand and drag you to play with her whenever there's an exciting festival. Surprisingly, no one has ever said no. You can only wonder if it's because of Pumpkin Pie Cookie's doll that looks almost alive or the giant wavering shadow behind her..." - Pumpkin Pie Cookie

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