Cookie Run Kingdom Pure Vanilla Cookie Best Topping Build (2022)

Until this day, Pure Vanilla Cookie is considered as one of the best, maybe the best support in the Cookie Run Kingdom. And if you use the correct topping build for him, then, well done cause you just make this game become much easier.

There is a lot of rarities in the Cookie Run Kingdom, and Pure Vanilla is in the highest or rarest class, which is Ancient. Also, he is the first of his kind in terms of availability for us to gacha and play.

Because he is already very powerful since the beginning, using the right topping will make him reach an OP status. The status that only a few cookies can get among the almost 100 hundred cookies.

So, let’s take a look at how to build the Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Topping Build

  • 5x Swift Chocolate Topping (CD Reduction)
  • 5x Searing Raspberry Topping (ATK Increase)

In term of usability, both of them is good. These recommendations is actually different from what other people tell, just like when I build the Cotton Cookie.

But still, these 2 toppings are still at the top classement as my recommendations for Pure Vanilla. You can see the reason below.

Why Swift Chocolate is Better?

His skill contains two best support ability which are, healing and shield. Both of them are perfect for the ability of a supporting character.

I can’t see any other things that are better than both of those. If we talk about shield, it can literally hold any attack before reaching your HP, and with healing, in case that shield is broken, you will gain your HP again.

That’s the example of a perfect combination, and with Swift Chocolate, you can get it more often. There is no reason to say that this topping is bad for him.

But wait, I still have one more topping to recommend for you.

Why Searing Raspberry is Better?

Just like the Parfait Cookie that I wrote yesterday, Pure Vanilla scaling its HP from his ATK.

And if you ask about the number, it is even bigger than what Parfait Cookie has. The only difference is, Pure Vanilla uses instant healing, not healing per second like another support character.

Is it good? Yes, much better. Especially if you meet high burst damage that does not gonna wait until your HP is full.

That instant healing, you will get it more if you use Searing Raspberry. Imagine if you heal your allies to almost full HP, from critical conditions.

What Do I Choose?

This is a hard question for me. Both of them are almost perfect for Pure Vanilla. It will be much easier if his second ability is not shielding, but Stun Immunity for example, like what Cocoa Cookie has. If that’s the case, I will definitely gonna choose Searing Raspberry.

But, because he can buff your allies with Shield, my answer gonna drop to Swift Chocolate.

Like I already said above, this kind of support combination is perfect. Buffing only from one side is not good enough for Pure Vanilla.

How to Get?

Farm his soulstone, or pull it in the cookie banner. But, because Pure Vanilla has the highest rarity in Cookie Run Kingdom, chance to get him is really small. Smaller than any epic cookies.

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Love and Peace

  • Healing: 99,4% of ATK (+1,5%/Lv.)
  • Shield: 20% of Max HP
  • CD: 19s

Light up the Battlefield using his Vanilla Orchid Staff, healing allies’ HP and protecting them with shields according to their max HP.


"There are not many Cookies on Earthbread who could inspire hope as Pure Vanilla Cookie did. Born from nature-blessed cream and a fragrant vanilla bean, he was the epitome of Cookie kindness and faithfulness. Pure Vanilla Cookie strived to forgive the wrongdoer and heal the wounds of Cookies and animals alike. Though a powerful wielder of magic, he would use his spells not for his own good, but for the good of everyone. The Cookie took an arduous pilgrimage down the Sugar-Free Road. What Pure Vanilla Cookie learned through the Trials is unknown, but crowned with a bright halo of light he returned to found the Vanilla Kingdom, a land of freedom and learning, and a beacon for those seeking love and peace. Pure Vanilla Cookie stood by his friends until the very end, warding off the Darkness with a heartfelt smile." - Pure Vanilla Cookie

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