Sorbet Shark Cookie Best Topping Build 2022 (Cookie Run Kingdom)

If you ask who is the best ambush cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom? I believe every player will answer Sorbet Shark Cookie. He has a unique skill that makes him shine above any ambush cookie. But, did you know how to build Sorbet Shark Cookie?

What makes him considered the most powerful ambush cookie in this mobile game is that he has the ability to deals damage based on the enemy’s Max HP.

In other words, Sorbet Shark Cookie is your best choice to kill any boss in PvE. There are a lot of enemies with a lot of HP to burn by his skill in a late stage of Story Mode.

Ambush cookie is your other choice after mage. Both of them have high damage scaling. But the reason why some people prefer mage rather than ambush is that they don’t over something except damage.

Sorbet Shark is actually the same, but that unique ability is greater than any kind of attacking ability. He is exceptional.

And with that kind of criteria, building the perfect topping for Sorbet Shark Cookie is not too hard.

  • 5x Searing Raspberry Toppings (ATK)
  • 5x Swift Chocolate Toppings (CD Reduction)

Those are the two kinds of offensive toppings to increase your damage overall.

If Searing Raspberry Topping increases your raw ATK, Swift Chocolate will increase your damage by letting you hit more often.

Both of them have their own way to amplify your damage. But in the end, those toppings have the same purpose, killing your enemy faster. Building Sorbet Shark this way is the best choice you can get.

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Why Searing Raspberry Topping is Better?

Because it will increase your damage to the next level.

As you already know, as an ambush cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie’s main job is to kill any enemies faster before the same thing happens to your team.

He can do it really well because of how good is his potential, but giving him this topping build will definitely gonna make him happy.

Why Swift Chocolate Topping is Better?

The concept of Swift Chocolate is reducing cooldown. How good this topping depends on the user, is it worthy enough to wear this best of the best topping?

For Sorbet Shark Cookies, the answer is definitely yes. He is one of a kind, not only from the ambush cookie’s perspective but all the cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

He is the one that you call if your progress gets stuck because of high HP enemies blocking your way.

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This is the first time I write a guide on the best topping build about ambush cookie, and I already know that Sorbet Shark is the hardest one to decide.

His skill is just too good, making Searing Raspberry feels inferior in front of Swift Chocolate.

So for Sorbet Shark’s best topping build, I have two answers, Searing Raspberry for PvP, and Swift Chocolate for PvE.

His skill or additional damage is based on how much HP your enemies have. This is a perfect skill in PvE, and spamming is the best way to get maximum benefit.

While in PvP, their HP is not that high, so you better invest more in your raw ATK. This build is more effective.

You can pull Sorbet Shark Cookie in the standard cookie banner, or you can farm his soulstone and convert it.

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Shark Splash

  • Single Hit DMG: 128,1%
  • DMG Relative to Cookies’ Max HP: 18% (+0,2% DMG/Lv.)
  • Single Hit DMG to others: 378% (+4,7-4,8% DMG/Lv.)
  • CD: 17s

Jump to front enemies and blow them with water, dealing area DMG. Give additional damage for two enemies with Highest Total HP. If the target is cookies, the damage is calculated as True Damage.

Sorbet Shark Cookie’s Story

“Once upon a time, there was a shark that lived in the deep blue sea. This curious swimmer often popped up to the surface to watch the pirates party on their ships. The shark yearned to join the Cookies for these parties, but they always ran away. Saddened, the shark disappeared into the sea for ages.

Until suddenly… Sorbet Shark Cookie burst forth from the depths! This Cookie is, frankly, not the fastest runner, can only make bubbly noises instead of words, and gets soggy in the water just like everyone else. But even so, Sorbet Shark Cookie is always wearing a bright smile! After all, the world above the sea is vast and there are so many things to see!” – Sorbet Shark Cookie.

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