Cookie Run Kingdom Strawberry Crepe Cookie Best Topping Build (2022)

A lot of Cookie Run Kingdom players choose Strawberry Crepe Cookie as their main tanker before Hollyberry Cookie got a buff. So if people ask who is the best tanker besides Hollyberry, Strawberry Crepe might be your answer. And now, I will tell you how to build her.

The way you play and build Strawberry Crepe’s topping is kinda same as another tanker. You need to increase her toughness so you can keep her on the battlefield as long as possible.

But there is something unique about her, which is that she can increase her DMG Resist. Just like what Solid Almond does.

And now the question is, if she already has a lot of DMG Resist, is she really need Solid Almond Topping? To find out, let’s take on how to build the best topping for Strawberry Crepe.

Topping Build

  • 5x Swift Chocolate (CD Reduction)
  • 5x Solid Almond (DMG Resist Increase)

Those topping is your best choice to make Strawberry Crepe become on the same level as other high-tier cookies like Hollyberry.

I don’t think it’s a good idea if you combine it.

Your choice is only yolo on one of them, neither decrease her CD as lower as you can, nor increase her DMG Resist furthermore so your enemies become frustrated because they can’t kill her.

Why Swift Chocolate is Better?

Like I already said before, she already has a lot of DMG Resist, so your other best option is definitely Swift Chocolate Topping.

One thing you need to know is her CD is not too long like other cookies, it’s only 15s. Very low I think, especially when she can gain very OP buff with that skill.

So before you decide to use this topping, make sure you know that the CD scaling is depending on the base CD. The lower the base, the lower it is scaling.

One thing the make her skill really good is that it’s not selfish at all. Meaning 2 of her allies can get the buff too. And this topping build is the best choice the accommodate that.

Why Solid Almond is Better?

Increasing Strawberry Crepe’s toughness is another way to achieve victory in any match, even in PvP.

If 50% DMG Resist is still not enough for you, then you can choose this topping build without thinking furthermore.

DMG Resist is the second-best buff for tank below DMG Reduction of allies. It is still very good overall, the difference between the two of them is really small.

If you combine this topping build with Pure Vanilla Cookie, she almost impossible to die.

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What Do I Choose?

I will choose a Solid Almond topping build for Strawberry Crepe Cookie.

If you think it’s gonna waste her potential, actually it’s not. With her base chance, she got a 50/50 chance to trigger her buff, but with Solid Almond, you can increase it furthermore.

Making something great better is never been wrong. For Strawberry Crepe’s build, I hold on to that opinion.

How to Get?

Just pull her if you think you are lucky enough to get her. And if not, collect her soulstones.


Crepe Thrust

  • Single Hit DMG: 330% (+4,1 DMG/Lv.)
  • DMG Resist: 50% for 8s
  • CD: 15s

Uses the giant crepe arms to deal AoE DMG and reduce DMG received of two allies with the lowest Max HP.


"Sweet strawberry cream, crispy waffles, and chubby fresh strawberries—is there a cuter combination? Meet Strawberry Crepe Cookie with an unyielding sparkle of curiosity in the eyes. And this curiosity is a force to be reckoned with: Strawberry Crepe Cookie will stop at nothing to find an answer to every question! Having grown up with Wafflebots, this Cookie preferred tinkering with robotic parts to playing with toys. This little genius's cute waffle headset is a tiny engineering marvel on its own. But don't touch it! Or you risk witnessing a change from the cute Strawberry Crepe Cookie to the furious one." - Strawberry Crepe Cookie 

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