Tea Knight Cookie Best Topping Build 2022 (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Tea Knight Cookie is another new cookie that was released in January 2022. Is he gonna be the new OP cookie like Eclair Cookie? Probably yes, but what is more important thing is how to build Tea Knight Cookie perfectly.

There is something interesting about Tea Knight Cookie, he basically has the ability to stack his buff. Just like Eclair Cookie, but in this case, the effect will apply to your party members.

So is that a good buff? I will say yes, but not good enough if you compare it with Eclair’s debuff effect.

Building Tea Knight Cookie will probably have a different route because of his skill effect.

He is good as an overall cookie, but you don’t need to depend on his skill only. So let’s come back to our first question, how to build Tea Knight Cookie?

  • 5x Solid Almond Toppings (DMG Resistance)
  • 5x Searing Raspberry (ATK)

Why not Swift Chocolate if Tea Knight Cookie can stack his buff? Because you will get a stack only if your allies die. Releasing it more frequently has no use.

Like all popular builds in the Cookie Run Kingdom, the two best alternatives besides Swift Chocolate are Solid Almond Topping and Searing Raspberry Topping.

For Tea Knight, I will apply the same thing cause it will work perfectly.

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Why Solid Almond Topping is Better?

The thing about his skill is it will give its maximum effect for the last member. That can be anyone, but for Tea Knight, he will get a new special effect if he becomes the last standing cookie.

He becomes resistant to interrupting effects. Sounds amazing? If you say so, then you may want to try this topping build because it will help you so much.

This topping will get multiple times better if you lack a good and reliable defensive cookie.

But if you already have one, and prefer an offensive cookie, then you can try the next topping.

Why Searing Raspberry Topping is better?

His skill can only hit 1 target only. But don’t be sad because if you look at his damage, you will be amazed at how big it is.

Tea Knight Cookie has more than 540% DMG. It can literally pierce any cookies and slash them into two pieces.

Searing Raspberry Topping Build is here to help you.

But if you already use another charge cookies, especially an offensive one, I don’t recommend you to use this topping build for Tea Knight Cookie.

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Both of them are almost perfect for Tea Knight Cookie.

But if I can only choose one of them, I still prefer Solid Almond build. It is because of the skill that has a special effect for him if he becomes the last one.

Besides that, his skill has special requirements in order to activate. He has two buffs, but you can only apply it up to 2 cookies for 1 buff. Meaning that you better use it for your DPS. I believe that you already have 2.

You can get him in in the new event called Track Tea Knight Cookie. Or you can pull him and collect his soulstone.


  • Single Target DMG: 542,4% DMG (+% DMG/Lv.)
  • ATK Increase: 6% for two cookies with the highest ATK
  • Crit Rate Increase: 6% for two cookies with the highest Crit Rate
  • Wrath of the Commander 1 stack: ATK 50%, ATK SPD 20%
  • Wrath of the Commander 4 stacks: ATK 100%, ATK SPD 150%
  • CD: 18s

Deals damage to the nearest target, and buff allies with specific requirements. Anytime allies got defeated, Wrath of the Commander buff effect will get stacked. At full stacks, Tea Knight Cookie is resistant to interrupting effects.

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Tea Knight Cookie’s Story

“There was a time when dreadful dragons ruled the skies. Their fire ravaged entire kingdoms, and their claws crumbled countless Cookies. An order of knight in shiny silver armor, infused with courage and battle prowess, swore to put an end to this threat. Led by Tea Knight Cookie, the knights courageously opposed the gargantuan monsters through fire and jam an remained in history.

“But even the most fragrant tea loses its aroma–with time, the glorious tale of the knight became a legend, a mere echo of the past. Tea Knight Cookie, the fearless hero, was forgotten by those he strove to protect. Now sadness and regret shadow his scar-ridden face. Perhaps he wanted to be forgotten…? Yet… when he reminisces the battles he fought side by side with his comrades of old, a spark lights up in his eyes: the flame within him still burns bright!” – Tea Knight Cookie.

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