Genshin Impact 2.4 Update: New Character Banner

Genshin Impact closes 2021 and gives 2.4 updates as a present for us. What do you, as a player expect? New OP characters like Ayaka? Or maybe the strong, but not too strong like Arataki Itto? We will know the answer when Genshin Impact 2.4 new character is released. Which is coming very soon.

In their Livestream, miHoYo gives us a lot of clues about what’s gonna happen in their new Genshin Impact 2.4 update. Not just about the 2 new characters only, it’s wrapped about new banners, weapons, and events too.

For Genshin Impact’s fans, especially those who play this game for already 1 year who started to get bored and confused about whats to do anymore, this is good news. People expect a lot of things to happen as a closing year presents, and miHoYo gives a lot of surprises too.

Just wait for around 2 weeks, until we can really feel whats gonna Genshin Impact give to us. Preview always looks like a good thing, because it depends on how they advertise it, and miHoYo does that really well.

In case you want to see more content before reading this news, you may want to see this Genshin Impact best weapon, or Genshin Impact character tier list. And if you already have Itto, and don’t have any idea on how to build him, you may check this Arataki Itto build.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Trailer

Watch this official Genshin Impact trailer to see the update preview. miHoYo gives a lot of information in this video about their coming update.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Release Date

In Genshin Impact live stream for preview 2.4, miHoYO gives fans good news because they gonna release this update very soon, which is 5 January 2022.

While waiting for this update, you may want to see what are they gonna offer in this update. So you can prepare your account until it comes.

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Genshin Impact 2.4 New Characters

gi yun jin
gi shenhe

Just like miHoYo usually do, they are gonna release two characters at the same time and banner. Shenhe as the 5-star, and Yun Jin as the 4-star.

They are both supposed to be a support character. Besides they having the same role, both of them are using Polearms. While Shenhe has Cryo, Yun Jin has Geo element.

They will be on the same banner after Genshin Impact 2.4 is already released.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Banner

This is gonna be the biggest thing in this update. For the first time, Genshin Impact gonna release 2 banners at the same time. Good things or bad things depending on what player who ask to.

For me, a typical player who always spends on a banner whatever I got Primogems, this can be bad news. Right now, I don’t have any Primogems saving to get all I want.

So, who is gonna be on those banners? For the first phase, Shenhe and Xiao with Yun Jin appear on both banners. Xiao as we know, is a top tier Anemo DPS. In my character tier list, I give Xiao as an S tier. While Shenhe as a new character has a look that can rival Raiden Shogun.

In the second Phase, Ganyu and Zhongli gonna appear at the same time. Yes, the 2 two strongest characters in their respective role.

Looks like Genshin Impact is ready to boost its revenue in the first month of 2022. I know both of them is old character, but there is still a lot of people who doesn’t get a chance to have them. And guess what’s gonna happen if they got released at the same time? I think you already know the answer.

Genshin Impact 2.4 New Island

Like every people’s guess, this obtain doesn’t bring any new region. But the good news is, the last locked island in Inazuma is now unlocked. You can explore Enkanomiya in the new update 2.4.

Enkanomiya is a mysterious place located in the abbys below Watasumi Island. Because its location is located deep in the underground, its nuances and color palette that you gonna see will be something that you have never seen before on any island in Inazuma. Something that brings fresh air is coming.

Darkness is what Enkonomiya is known for. Sun in there is not the same sun that shines entire earth, but an artificial sun called Dainichi Mikoshi created by the ancestor of Watatsumi Island.

Genshin Impact 2.4 New Enemy

genshin impact 2.4 update

Is a common thing that a new place always brings a new enemy. In this update, you will face one of the most annoying enemies in Genshin Impact which is a new type of Vishaps called Bathysmal Vishaps. Living in the deep underground, they have the ability to drain your Energy.

They also bring us a new Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames. Pyro is his main ability. Be careful with his burst damage, it may kill you in only a few seconds. This mini-boss is always been a deadly threat to adventurers, the same thing will be applied to his new pyro version.

Genshin Impact 2.4 New Weapon

This weapon gonna be Shenhe’s signature weapon. Meaning that Qalamity Queller has specifications as a 5-star Polearms. There is still no new info about the second phase weapon.

Genshin Impact 2.4 New Event

Aside from whose character or weapon in the new banner, what is the new event is a popular question too among the Genshin Impact community. And great for you because in this new update, Genshin Impact does not only bring 1 or 2 new events, but a lot.

Starting with a new Hangout Event with Ningguang and Yun Jin. Here you can see more of their character’s stories.

Ningguang is basically a boss or president in Liyue, and in this new event, maybe you will find more about herself that she doesn’t show to other people but you.

Yun Jin is a new character. From what I see in the update 2.4 trailer, she has a colorful dress and accessory around her head, and she is a singer too. Singer? It makes me think about her idle animation. Is she gonna sing for the traveler?

And these are the other events that miHoyo brings to players that you can complete in order to get free Primogems, or maybe a pure joy to refresh your mind.


This event will allow you playing co-op with a random or friend to play hide and seek games. Play in a few rounds to at least increase your hunting and hiding skill. Although you gonna realize that this kind of thing doesn’t really matter when fighting a real enemy, or even boss.

A Study in Potions

Just like its name, you can study alchemy at this event. So your traveler’s mind will fill with something new, not only fighting and killing mobs. But of course, after gathering the potion you choose, you gonna need to use that potion to kill an enemy.

Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas

You will travel with Tanuki and grab some photos. Make sure that you put your eyes on them, because sometimes they will run away by disguising themselves as something like wood.

Fleeting Colors in Flight

Lantern Rite event will be back in this update 2.4. You will find some mini-games like Wondrous Shadows, Oceanic Defender, The Great Gathering, and Flameplume Starflower. All of them have their own rewards. A little bit of ammunition is there for free. So don’t forget to get all of them when they arrive.

Prosperous Partnership

Just like the old Lantern Rite event, in here you can choose and claim 1 of 8 characters for free. You can choose 1 between, Yanfey, Yun Jin, Xinyan, Chonghyun, Ningguang, Xinqiu, Beidou, and Xiangling. All of them are 4-star Liyue characters. But before you can do this, you need to finish a quest called, The Stars Inscribe the Year’s Wishes.

Genshin Impact 2.4 New Costume

ningguang costume
keqing costume

Lastly, you can purchase Ningguang and Keqing’s new costumes. Is up to you whether you want to do this or not. After all, costume is for cosmetics only, it doesn’t increase your stat or luck.

But if you want to know my opinion, Ningguang’s costume looks really good. She already look elegant before, but with her new costume, it makes her twice more elegant. For Keqing, I’m sorry, but she doesn’t really change even after changing costume. Maybe because her old costume is already in purple color.

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