Adelamyth Reroll Guide (4 Effortless Steps)

Adelamyth is one of the most generous games for new players. Rerolling to get the best heroes in the game is a must. I will tell you how to do that in this Adelamyth reroll guide.

This mobile game is a simple yet attractive idle RPG game that looks like any other game in the industry.

One thing for sure, spending much time in Adelamyth, even when I reroll to getting the heroes that I want, is already become a pleasure.

After a few times of rerolling in Adelamyth and still not getting what I want, it’s time for me to create this reroll guide for Adelamyth.

How to Reroll in Adelamyth?

Adelamyth How to Reroll Guide
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Give your time to this game for at least 15 minutes. As the rewards, Adelamyth will pay you with more than 30 heroes summon scrolls.

If you are still not getting the characters that you aim for, then continue to read this reroll guide for Adelamyth:

  1. Open the game
  2. In the main menu, press your Avatar, and you will be directed to Summoners Info tab.
  3. You have two choices, Bind your account first if your account is already good but not good enough, or you can Switch to delete your Guest Account.
  4. Start Adelamyth again with guest account.

Do you Need to Reroll?

Adelamyth Reroll Guide Criteria
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Thirty summon pulls are huge numbers. Among all the games and reroll guides that I already write in this blog, only Zio and the Magic Scrolls can pass that.

But how to get those 30 summon scrolls? You need to clear stage 15 and claim all the progression rewards. Next, go to your mail, where you will find a new player reward and 100 summon gifts that you can claim for each day until the tenth day.

From all of those sources, you will get 34 premium summon scrolls.

To make it easier, Adelamyth is already giving you a choice to use a Guest Account. A privilege for the nowadays game.

You can do one reroll progress in 15 minutes. Quite standard, just like any other gacha game.

Criteria to Reroll in Adelamyth

The last part of the Adelamyth reroll guide. In the premium hero banner, your chance to get five stars heroes is 5%. Not too big, but not tiny.

30 pulls with a 5% chance can give me at least two five stars heroes. But the number of heroes that I got is never my priority.

I always try to get one element combo; I prefer fire because I already have Izanami, or if I can’t get that, I still have a better second choice; I need one hero between Light or Dark elements.

It’s not just your feeling if you see the heroes from those elements is somewhat more substantial. They do. Adelamyth uses the same tiering system as many RPG games these days.

There is always one or two classes that are superior to any class.

The last thing I can say in this reroll guide for Adelamyth is you better get at least one of them.

Or get any of the best heroes in the game. Read this Adelamyth Tier list to find who are they.

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