Adelamyth Tier List and 11 Best Heroes Ranked (2022)

Adelamyth tier list can help you find the best character in Adelamyth. Adelamyth tier list makes searching for five stars heroes feels very easy. A tier list is needed when there is an imbalance between those heroes. That’s why I created this Adelamyth tier list.

Having the strongest heroes is surely what gamers want when playing RPG gacha games like Adelamyth.

But before we can talk about having the best heroes in Adelamyth, the first thing we need to know is, who are they? Who is the best hero we need to get?

Later after you finish knowing who is the best heroes in Adelamyth’s tier list, I will rank the SS-tier heroes into a specific rank to find out who is the true champion of Adelamyth.

Criteria to Rank the Best Heroes in Adelamyth Tier List

Having a limitation and a few points can make an Adelamyth tier list easier to understand. At least you will know what I’m looking for when making the tier list of Adelamyth.

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Five Stars Only

After one hour in Adelamyth, I can fill my team with five stars heroes only. And I believe you can do that too.

It’s not that I’m very lucky or what, but it’s because I have so many chances to pull in the epic heroes banner of Adelamyth.

So because getting five stars in Adelamyth is very easy, in this Adelamyth tier list, I think I only need to care about them and forget the others.

Adelamyth also has a scaling system where the better hero’s potential, the better they are in the late game. In this aspect, five stars heroes will beat four stars heroes.

To get more five stars heroes into your team, make sure you have already redeemed all the Adelemyth’s gift codes

Number of Skills

This second criteria is also essential when ranking the best heroes in Adelamyth’s tier list.

If you look at the number of skills that four stars heroes have, they only have three skills. This point is another reason I don’t care about them when making the Adelamyth tier list.

But unfortunately, there are some five stars heroes that apparently, only have three skills.

That kind of hero will not acknowledge as the best heroes in Adelamyth’s tier list.

Dark and Light are Superior

I personally don’t really like this kind of system where some classes have overall better heroes. Adelamyth, unfortunately, prefers to apply it.

But it is what it is. I can do nothing about it except believe that Dark and Light heroes will have an overall higher rank in this Adelamyth tier list.

If you notice their loading screen, Adelamyth always shows heroes from those classes only. Since the beginning, they already had their special place in Adelamyth.

Adelamyth All Heroes Tier List

Tier List



Michael, Moses, Ares, Sphinx, Berial, Hera, Nyx, Tiamat, Augustus, Charlotte, Seth 


Alice, Tyche, Lilith, Aurora, Elizabeth, Solomon, Izanami, Gaia, Wukong, Diana 


Astolpho, Poseidon, Doris, Michelle, Eris, Gabriel, Francis


Joan, April, Hassan, Agrona, Natsuki, Mary, Mulan


Abaddon, Margareth, Merlin, Medusa, Lily

Adelamyth Tier List – SS

  • Michael – (Light – Support / Revive and Healing – 4 Skills)
  • Moses – (Light – Mage / AoE and CC – 4 SKills)
  • Ares – (Light – Ranger / Pursue and Strike Back – 4 Skills)
  • Sphinx – (Dark – Mage / Curse and CC – 4 Skills)
  • Berial – (Dark – Ranger / Combo and Pursue – 4 Skills)
  • Hera – (Dark – Ranger / Curse and Damage Bonus – 4 Skills)
  • Nyx – (Dark – Support / CC and Shield – 4 Skills)
  • Tiamat – (Water – Mage / AoE and Boost – 4 Skills)
  • Augustus – (Water – Warrior / Protection and Strike Back – 4 Skills)
  • Charlotte – (Fire – Support / Damage bonus and Debuff – 4 Skills)
  • Seth – (Wind – Ranger / Execute and Damage bonus – 4 Skills)

Adelamyth Tier List – S

  • Alice – (Light – Support / Aoe Healing and Armor Breack – 4 Skills)
  • Tyche – (Light – Mage / Weaken and Dispel – 4 Skills)
  • Lilith – (Dark – Warrior / Curse and Burst Damage – 4 Skills)
  • Aurora – (Water – Mage / Aoe and Freeze – 4 Skills)
  • Elizabeth – (Water – Ranger / AoE and Stacking Attack – 4 Skills)
  • Solomon – (Fire – Mage / Revive and Strike back – 4 Skills)
  • Izanami – (Fire – Ranger / Execute and Combo – 4 Skills)
  • Gaia – (Wind – Support / Healing and Bless – 4 Skills)
  • Wukong – (Wind – Ranger / Taunt and Real damage – 4 Skills)
  • Diana – (Wind – Warrior / Protection and Strike back 4 Skills)

Adelamyth Tier List – A

  • Astolpho – (Light – Warrior / Taund and Shield – 3 Skills)
  • Poseidon – (Water – Warrior / Taunt and Mitigation – 4 Skills)
  • Doris – (Water – Mage / CC and Healing reduction – 4 Skills)
  • Michelle – (Water – Support / Revive and Bless – 4 Skills)
  • Eris – (Fire – Ranger / Attack stealing and Silence – 4 Skills)
  • Gabriel – (Fire – Ranger / Execute and Damage bonus – 4 Skills)
  • Francis – (Fire – Ranger / Burning and Damage bonus – 3 Skills)

Adelamyth Tier List – B

  • Joan – (Light – Ranger / Combo and AoE – 3 Skills)
  • April – (Dark – Mage / Curse ad Poison – 3 Skills)
  • Hassasn XIV – (Water – Mage / AoE and Backfire effect – 4 Skills)
  • Muirgen – (Water – Support / Healing and Shield – 3 Skills)
  • Agrona – (Water – Mage / AoE and Freeze – 3 Skills)
  • Natsuki – (Fire – Mage / AoE and Burning – 4 Skills)
  • Mary – (Fire – Ranger / Burning and HP Stealing – 3 Skills)
  • Mulan – (Wind – Ranger Armor break and bleeding – 4 Skills)

Adelamyth Tier List – C

  • Abaddon – (Dark – Ranger / Curse and Silence – 3 Skills)
  • Margaret – (Fire – Mage / Burning AoE – 4 Skills)
  • Merlin – (Wind – Mage / Anti-healing and Armor break (4 Skills)
  • Medusa – (Wind – Mage / Petrify and Bleeding – 3 Skills)
  • Lily – (Wind – SUpport / Healing and Revive – 3 Skills)

Ranked the Best Heroes in Adelamyth Tier List

Adelamyth Tier List Best Heroes
Image via Loongcheer Game

I’ve got 11 heroes to put in the SS-tier for this Adelamyth tier list. Among them, I will specify it into a list of 11 best heroes to know who is the real number one best hero in the Adelamyth tier list.

I will start this list from the weakest until the most powerful one. If you are not getting any of them, you might want to try this Adelamyth Reroll Guide.

11. Berial

Berial is a single target hunter that gets the most benefit when facing enemies with Curse debuff. She can also do a multiple Armor Break stacked up to 45%.

To see her main potential, you need a few curse heroes. If you only use Berial alone, her true powers won’t come out. But because she is still powerful even in that condition, I place Berial in the 11th spot in this Adelamyth tier list

10. Nyx

Nyx’s unique ability depends on random choices: apply a debuff to all enemies or a buff to all allies. She can give shields up to 3 allies. At the start of the battle, Nyx’s already reduces enemies’ attacks by 10%.

Gacha hero in Adelamyth. Both of her skills are strong, but not too strong to make me put her rank higher in the Adelamyth tier list.

9. Seth

One of the best single target heroes in Adelamyth. All of Seth’s attacking ability is only for that thing, and he can execute it really well. He has a perfect synergize between bleeding and single target damage.

Good heroes for a specific job in Adelamyth.

8. Hera

Hera has a 60% chance to apply Curse to all enemies. She could target the enemy with the highest attack and amplify that damages if they got Curse debuff. The true power of Hera lies in her ability to multiple her damage up to 100% whenever a hero dies.

The longer the game, the better she is. Hera’s scaling in Adelamyth makes her deserve to get the 8th spot in the Adelamyth tier list.

7. Augustus

Augustus is a complete warrior in the Adelamyth tier list. He can freeze an enemy (single target). Share damage, cleanse one debuff, and damage mitigation to 1 ally.

But all of that is not comparable with his last skill, which can freeze an enemy when he strikes back or uses a basic attack; both of them have a 30% chance.

Augustus can be a real threat to whatever attacks him. In Adelamyth, he is the example of the best defense is the best attack.

6. Michael

Adelamyth creates Michael as a support that can give many positive abilities. She can revive, heal, and amplify damage. Her best selling point is located on her basic attack that can heal all allies (50% of basic attack DMG).

Michael is what you are looking for if you need a total supportive character in the Adelamyth tier list.

5. Charlotte

Charlotte is the best support in the Adelamyth tier list, mastering buff and debuff ability. She can apply Burning and Fear (20% extra DMG, with a 50% chance) to all targets. Grants 3 random allies with reflect shield and increase their attack.

Her last skill makes me put her as the best support in Adelamyth. Charlotte has a charm that can heal all allies whenever they land a critical hit (7% of total DMG).

Chain healing is the next level of healing in any RPG game, including Adelamyth.

4. Tiamat

Tiamat is the strongest Water hero in the Adelamyth tier list. She can stun all enemies with a rate of 25%. Secondly, she attacks all enemies (again), but now she will apply Exhaust debuff (reduce damage up to 45%).

From those attacks, her crit rate and damage will go up. She also has a passive skill that can increase her crit rate (again) and her attack if her HP is below 30%.

Tiamat has a lot of potentials to be a late-game killer in Adelamyth. All of the combinations of her skills create a perfect symphony, and make her the 4th best hero in the Adelamyth tier list.

3. Sphinx

Sphinx is the one that you call if you want to see lethal damage over time. Curse is a deadlier version of burn and bleeding, and Sphinx is the best in this department. To make it worse, she can remove all enemies’ buff and have a 20% chance to stun them.

She is the best among all the Dark heroes in Adelamyth. I put her in third place in the tier list of Adelamyth because of how big is her damage and debuff.

2. Ares

Ares is the master of dealing deadly damage in Adelamyth. His attacks rotate around Thunder Punish, which gives him more damage.

What makes it scarier is that almost all of his attacks can do this, including his basic attack that has a chance to target all enemies. Even when he’s got attacked, he can also apply this debuff.

So even when he’s not in an attacking position, Ares still can give a lot of damage.

Adelamyth creates Ares as the best striker in the Adelamyth tier list.

1. Moses

Moses is the absolute best hero in the Adelamyth tier list. First of all, he is the king of Armor Break, which can go up to 45% reduces defense. Moses can attack all enemies using a basic attack that can Armor Break too. Also an all enemies attack with a 25% chance to stun.

Last but not least, he has a chance to apply Exhaust to reduce enemies’ damage up to 45%. Moses has everything that deserves him to get the number 1 spot in this Adelamyth tier list.

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