Adelamyth Wiki and Beginner Guide: 7 Progress Tips & Tricks

Adelamyth is a simple yet fun-to-play RPG idle gacha game from Loongcheer Game. Knowing how to play and what to do can make your progress faster. I spell 7 tips to do that in this Adelamyth wiki and beginner guide.

Adelamyth is not a full-release game. So it’s normal if you encounter a few bugs or errors when playing Adelamyth.

But eventually, you need to relaunch your Adelamyth game if that thing happens to your phone. Based on my experience playing Adelamyth, this method can help you solve the problems.

In this Adelamyth wiki, I will tell you seven tips and tricks that can help you progress faster in the game. It worked well, especially if you are new to Adelamyth.

So let’s start this Adelamyth beginner guide and wiki with the first tips.

1. Wiki and Guide to Upgrading Level

Adelamyth comes with the basic element that looks almost like any other idle game in the Play Store or App Store.

You will find that you need some resources, which are Gold and EXP.

Collect those materials as much as you can to see the full potential of your favorite heroes in Adelamyth.

You can get Gold by Campaign and Gold dungeon and EXP from EXP dungeon. Adelamyth provides all of them with a Sweep option that can be unlocked once you clear it for the first time.

AFK reward is another facilitate from Adelamyth that you can use. One tip that you can use in this Adelamyth wiki is to progress your Campaign as high as possible before you choose to leave Adelamyth.

Because the rewards that you will get are basically from how far your Campaign is.

2. Guide and Wiki to Limit Break and Forging

Adelamyth Wiki Guide Limit Break
Image via Loongcheer Game

After the first Adelamyth wiki and guide, this second part is the more advanced version of upgrading your heroes.

But don’t worry, I will tell you how to do it step-by-step, plus give you some tips to make it efficient and effective in this Adelamyth wiki guide.

Limit Break, just like its name, is a feature in Adelamyth that lets you break the maximum limit of the level of your heroes. This feature is very important if you want to progress further in Adelamyth.

In that case, you need Advance Stone. You can get it from Abyss Tower. This tower has hundreds of floors that you can climb to earn rewards. The higher the floor, the harder the enemies. Adelamyth uses the same formula.

Forging is your way to upgrade your gears. This feature is a bit more unique than any previous ones in Adelamyth.

Adelamyth gives you an option to make it auto to make it less confusing. I prefer to use it anytime it is available.

But how to get more gear? Clearing Campaign, AFK rewards, buy from the shop, tower, etc. Anything you do to progress in Adelamyth will eventually give you more gear.

3. Wiki Guide to Awaken

Adelamyth Wiki Guide Awaken
Image via LoongCheer Game

Awaken in Adelamyth is the hardest yet most impactful thing you can do to improve your heroes’ CP.

You need a piece of good luck to use Awaken feature in Adelamyth properly. Why? Because you need another hero on the same element and rarities, a duplicate hero, and even a specific fodder hero to awaken your main hero.

In that picture, I want to upgrade Wukong, but because my Blake is still four stars, I can use him as fodder.

Meaning that I need to upgrade Blake first and turn him into a delicious food before he has any meaning in Adelamyth.

More than that, I need 1 more Wukong.

The best tips that I can give you in this Adelamyth wiki guide, is that you need to wisely choose what fooder you need to upgrade first.

Even fodder needs a lot of investment.

4. Upgrade Izanami

Izanami is the first five stars hero that you get in Adelamyth. In this Adelamyth tier list, I put her as an S-tier because of how powerful she is in the early game of Adelamyth.

She has a skill that makes her attack another enemy if her current target dies. So the harder she hit, the better chance for Izanami to activate this skill.

Upgrading Izanami to its full potential will help you to progress in Adelamyth. This is one of the best wiki guides that I can tell you in the early phase of your Adelamyth account.

One single battle can take your time at least one minute. But with Izanami, you can reduce it to less than 30 seconds.

You will realize that using Izanami is a great time saver in the longer run.

If I look in another game, the first hero that I get is usually kinda unusable. In other words, easy to replace. But apparently, Adelamyth doesn’t want that thing to happen with Izanami.

5. Wiki Guide to Shopping

Adelamyth Wiki Guide Shop
Image via Loongcheer Game

The black market is one of the best ways to get a rare item. Sometimes in this place, you will find a legendary item that costs a lot of Gems.

Is it your option want to buy it or not. This Adelamyth wiki guide only gives you a recommendation, not telling you what to do. But for me, I will buy it if I have enough Gems to spend.

Because Adelamyth uses five heroes simultaneously, I need a lot of investment to make all of them useful on the battlefield. Buying a good item is one way to solve that problem.

Other than that, I prefer to spend my Gold on Advance Stone. This is the best item you can buy on the Adelamyth wiki guide. It usually costs 100k Gold for 100 Advance Stone.

Advance Stone in Adelamyth is harder to farm because you need to progress Abyss Tower, which requires a good team, or you can offline and claim your AFK rewards later.

There is also another shopping building in Adelamyth. Exchange Shop is a place where you can buy some premium items at a discount.

This Adelamyth wiki guide can only recommend you to buy Epic Summon Scroll. Rune Fragments is the best overall, but you need Adelamyth VIP three to make it work. Divination Crystal is also good, but that item does not guarantee you to give five stars hero.

The gacha system is my number 1 reason why this Adelamyth wiki guide can’t recommend you spend outside summon scrolls.

Buying from those shops is just another way to make your progress in Adelamyth faster.

6. Clear the Events

Adelamyth Wiki Guide Event
Image via Loongcheer Game

To make players keep playing the game, Adelamyh and any other RPG game use event that contains many free rewards as their main attraction.

An active RPG game should have this feature. Adelamyth, fortunately, has that.

A special day like New Year usually tends to have a better and bigger event, and of course, comes with better rewards too.

But if you play on a normal day, Adelamyth still brings a special event.

When this Adelamyth wiki guide is first published (February 12, 2022), there was an event with the grand prize of Seth. He is one of the best wind heroes in Adelamyth.

The tasks are usually very simple. You just need to do what you always do in Adelamyth.

7. Wiki Guide to Bounty

Adelamyth Wiki Guide Bounty
Image via Loongcheer Game

Bounty is a feature that lets your heroes travel to search for items.

The item that you will get is random. If you don’t see anything you like, you can refresh it.

The best item you can get is Epic Summon Scroll, followed by Gems.

You need a Bounty refresh ticket to refresh the list, but now, Adelamyth does not have a clear way to do it. But usually, you can get a lot of them from Campaigns or clearing quests or achievements.

Just be careful before using them too much.

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