Chrono Legacy Tier List for Best Heroes (6 Ranked)

Chrono Legacy tier list is what you need if you are looking for the best heroes in Chrono Legacy. I will rank some of the best five stars heroes in this Chrono Legacy tier list.

Chrono Legacy has one of the most beautiful-looking graphics in the idle RPG game industry. It’s easy to be amazed by its graphic. But to win the game, a team with the strongest and best heroes is what we need.

After creating the Chrono Legacy tier list, later in the content, I will rank the SS-tier heroes in this tier list into a more specific rank.

So let’s start this Chrono Legacy tier list by telling you the complete tier list of all five stars heroes and the criteria first.

Chrono Legacy Tier List for All Heroes

Now, after I know that gamewuun{dot]com (change “uu” with “ee”) that always copy my and other guides it’s not even playing the game, I will not change any hero’s names anymore.

Tier List

Chrono Legacy Heroes


Alexander, Temujin, Dracula, Xerxes, Joan of Arc, Mulan


Subutai, Shajar al-Durr, Dido, Asoka, Roland, Martha


Masamune, Hippocrates, Tomyris, Elizabeth, Timur, Arash, Richard


Cleopatra, Guiguzi, Edward, Leonidas, Queen of Sheba


Saladin, Boudica, Lagertha

Chrono Legacy Tier List Criteria

All Skill at Max Level

Some of the heroes in Chrono Legacy have the potential to be very powerful once you unlock their skill.

To make it fair, I will create this Chrono Legacy tier list after counting all of their skill at their peak potential.

But don’t worry if you think it is too hard to upgrade them. Because if heroes in Chrono Legacy are powerful in their late game, their early game is usually strong too.

Five Stars Only

Because the three stars heroes in Chrono Legacy only have three skills, I prefer not to use them in this Chrono Legacy tier list.

There will be a very far gap in the long term, especially because Chrono Legacy is an idle game where you can level up faster than the usual RPG game.


All heroes in Chrono Legacy have their roles. I will rank them based on their role to make sure this tier list isn’t biased.

Let’s say Joan of Arc is a support, so I will see her effectivity based on her supporting ability, not from her damage or tanking ability. The same thing will also be applied to others.

If you look at all heroes, they also have their own stats. But I’m not going to count them in this tier list. What matters for me is their skills only.

Chrono Legacy Tier List – SS

  • Alexander (Ascension – Warrior)
  • Temujin (Ascension – Archer)
  • Dracula (Oblivion Fort – Mage)
  • Xerxes (Oblivion Fort – Tank)
  • Joan of Arc (Disciple Union – Support)
  • Mulan (Ironblood League – Warrior)

Chrono Legacy Tier List – S

  • Subutai (Psionic Council – Warrior)
  • Shajar al-Durr (Oblivion Fort – Assassin)
  • Dido (Psionic Council – Support)
  • Asoka (Ascension – Support)
  • Roland (Disciple Union – Tank)
  • Martha (Ironblood League – Tank)

Chrono Legacy Tier List – A

  • Tomyris (Oblivion Fort – Support)
  • Masamune (Ironblood League – Archer)
  • Hippocrates (Psionic Council – Support)
  • Elizabeth (Psionic Council – Mage)
  • Timur (Oblivion Fort – Assassin)
  • Arash (Disciple Union – Archer)
  • Richard (Disciple Union – Warrior)

Chrono Legacy Tier List – B

  • Cleopatra (Psionic Council – Mage)
  • Guiguzi (Psionic Council – Mage)
  • Edward (Oblivion Fort – Assassin)
  • Leonidas (Disciple Union – Warrior)
  • Queen of Sheba (Ironblood League – Archer)

Chrono Legacy Tier List – C

  • Saladin (Disciple Union – Warrior)
  • Lagertha (Ironblood League – Tank)
  • Boudica (Ironblood League – Archer)

Chrono Legacy Tier List – Ranked the Best Heroes

Chrono Legacy Tier List Best Heroes Ranked
Image via 37GAMES GLOBAL

I have six heroes considered SS-tier heroes in the Chrono Legacy tier list. I will rank each of them to determine who is the best hero in the Chrono Legacy tier list.

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6. Dracula

Just his name, Dracula is the master of lifesteal in Chrono Legacy. But that’s not the only thing he can do. Dracula has many abilities to become one of the deadliest single target DPS in Chrono Legacy.

He has true damage, a debuff that increases damage taken, increase damage to self, bleeding, and more. Dracula has everything to make sure Chrono Legacy players are using him.

5. Mulan

Critical Rate is very important in most gacha games, including Chrono Legacy. Mulan is not only a warrior hero that can deal a big amount of damage, but she can also buff allies’ crit rate. The amount of crit rate that her team will get is not small.

Mulan also has other abilities. No matter what side you are looking for, attack or defense, Mulan has all of it. In this Chrono Legacy tier list, she deserves this position.

4. Xerxes

Xerxes is a selfish tank that only uses his defensive ability to himself. But the reason I still put him in the 4th spot is because Xerxes is very deadly even though his role is a tank.

His damage comes from his ability to deal damage based on the enemy’s HP. Furthermore, Xerxes can also steal their HP and use it as his own.

In terms of the defensive department, you don’t need to worry at all. All of his attacking ability is just a bonus.

3. Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is one of the most well-known names in this Chrono Legacy tier list. Her supporting ability is one of the best in this mobile game.

She has stackable healing, grants ATK bonus, reduces damage taken. All of that can be applied to all of her allies.

2. Temujin

Temujin is one of the hardest-hit DPS in Chrono Legacy. All of his skills synergize to create a great harmony of damage. Meaning the more you invest in Temujin, the higher the scale you will get.

Temujin’s greatness is not only from his damage but his ability to regen HP and a 30% chance to remove the buff from enemy and debuff from self using 2 normal attacks.

So I put Temujin in second place in Chrono Legacy tier list.

1. Alexander

Alexander is a unique hero. He has two modes: Mounted State and Infantry State. Each of them has its own ability that helps Alexander push his rank in this tier list.

He has passive that is very useful in terms of defensive ability. And the more important thing is, Alexander can apply this passive to all allies in the team.

Putting Alexander in the number 1 spot as the best hero in the Chrono legacy tier list is a thing he deserved.

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