Clash Mini Tier List Wiki Guide: New 5 Best Minis and Heroes

Clash Mini tier list is what you’re looking for if you want to know about the best heroes and minis in the Clash Mini mobile game. I will rank the best minis and heroes in two different Clash Mini tier list.

Clash Mini is a strategy board mobile game. Your task is to place the best minis and heroes in the correct location and timing to win the game.

This portrait mobile game is simple. And it will be much easier if you know which ones are considered the best heroes and minis in this Clash Mini tier list.

The minis and heroes in this mobile game have a card feature. It would help if you collected them to unlock and play them in the ranked or casual match.

Let’s start this Clash Mini tier list with the complete minis and heroes tier list, then the criteria for ranking the best heroes and minis in Clash Mini.

Clash Mini Tier List – All Minis

I put all the playable characters in this mobile game in this Clash Mini tier list. I separate their type based on minis and heroes.

You will find the best minis and heroes (SS tier) until the worst ones (C tier).

Tier List

Clash Mini Minis


Wizard, Dart Goblin, Fisherman


Ice Wizard, Golden Giant, Mini Pekka, Giant Skeleton, Mega Knight


Knight, Skeleton Guard, Lumberjack, Bowler, Valkyrie, Magic Archer, Prince, Electro Wizard


Swordsman, Barbarian, Archer, Pekka, Musketeer, Witch


Miner, Spear Goblin, Healing Ranger, Battle Ranger

Clash Mini Tier List – All Heroes

Tier List

Clash Mini Heroes


Royal Champion, Wave Master




Iron Maiden


Countess, Barbarian King


Archer Queen

Clash Mini Tier List Criteria

Elixir Cost

This mobile game is very similar to its predecessor, Clash Royale. You need to accumulate some elixir before deploying the mini that you choose.

So if a mini has many elixir costs like Pekka (4 elixirs), they have to be good to compensate its price.

But what happens if there is a mini with a low elixir but can deal great damage and functional ability? I will put them in the higher tier.

Using a low elixir mini in Clash Mini is very important, so you have an option to put more minis.

That’s why I put elixir cost as my first criteria in the Clash Mini tier list.


Clash Mini has a lot of different minis and heroes. All of them has their own function.

One is to damage and defeat your enemies, support your team so they can stay longer or enhance their abilities, tank all incoming damages, etc.

Basically, there is no useless mini in Clash Mini. But, even though they have the same function as one another. There will be differences in how they were going to use their ability.

For example, Pekka is a damage dealer, and Electro Wizard is also a DPS. Both of them has four elixir cost. But one of them probably has a better option to choose, whether can deal more damage or unique ability.

This is the same method that I applied to Chrono Legacy tier list.

Clash Mini Tier List – SS

  • Royal Champion (Hero)
  • Wave Master (Hero)
  • Wizard (2 Elixir)
  • Dart Goblin (3 Elixir)
  • Fisherman (4 Elixir)

Clash Mini Tier List – S

  • Monk (Hero)
  • Ice wizard (2 Elixir)
  • Golden Giant (3 Elixir)
  • Mini Pekka (3 Elixir)
  • Giant Skeleton (3 Elixir)
  • Mega Knight (4 Elixir)

Clash Mini Tier List – A

  • Iron Maiden (Hero)
  • Knight (2 Elixir)
  • Skeleton Guard (2 Elixir)
  • Lumberjack (3 Elixir)
  • Bowler (3 Elixir)
  • Valkyrie (3 Elixir)
  • Magic Archer (4 Elixir)
  • Prince (4 Elixir)
  • Electro Wizard (4 Elixir)

Clash Mini Tier List – B

  • Countess (Hero)
  • Barbarian King (Hero)
  • Swordsman (2 Elixir)
  • Barbarian (2 Elixir)
  • Archer (2 Elixir)
  • Pekka (4 Elixir)
  • Musketeer (4 Elixir)
  • Witch (4 Elixir)

Clash Mini Tier List – C

  • Archer Queen (Hero)
  • Miner (2 Elixir)
  • Spear Goblin (2 Elixir)
  • Healing Ranger (3 Elixir)
  • Batlle Healer (4 Elixir)

Clash Mini Tier List – Ranked the Best Minis and Heroes

Clash Mini Tier List Best Minis and Heroes
Image via Supercell

This is the list of the best characters in this mobile strategy game. I will put both minis and heroes on the same ranked list of Clash Mini tier list.

By the way, Clash Mini is available in TapTap. You can play this Android mobile game for free.

5. Wave Master

Besides mastering all oceans in Clash Mini, Wave Master is also the master of stun. Bring him to stun many enemies at the same time.

His stun ability comes from Wave Master’s passive and active skills. Also, he has another ability to heal your allies, even though not too much.

4. Wizard

Wizard is one of the oldest heroes that Supercell introduced. Besides his cheap elixir cost (2), Wizards can deal spread damage with his fireball.

Ranked Wizard as the fourth-best character in this mobile game is something he deserved.

3. Dart Goblin

Dart Goblin is a stacker DPS that goes crazy once his stack is full. The longer Dart Goblin appears on the battlefield, the harder he will hit his opponent.

He also has a small chance to put an enemy in a stunning state with his attack. That’s why I put Dart Goblin in the third spot in this Clash Mini tier list.

2. Fisherman

Fisherman is what you need if you like to pull and stun your enemy. He also can deal serious damage and tanking any kind of damage.

1. Royal Champion

Royal Champion is another master of stun besides Wave Master. She can throw her shield to deal damage and stun them at the moment.

What makes her very dangerous is her ability to bounce her shield once the enemy has died. You need to know that each of her bounces can deal a big amount of damage.

Ranked Royal Champion as the best hero in Clash Mini tier list is something that she earned.

So that’s it, the complete list of best characters in the Clash Mini tier list. If you are interested in more tier lists for another mobile game, you may want to look at Flash Party Tier List and Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List.

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