Flash Party Tier List: Best Characters Wiki Guide

Flash Party tier list can help you to find the best character in Flash Party. This Flash Party wiki guide will classify all the playable characters in this mobile game and find out who is the best character in Flash Party.

Flash Party is a fighting mobile game that was developed and published by XD Entertainment. Your job is to defeat your enemy in 2D fighting, besides in-game skill mechanics, you also need to use the best character in the Flash Party tier list too.

Why? Because all the character in this mobile game has their own unique skill and ability. Using the best character in Flash Party can give you an advantage even before the game starts. Just like what happens when you play Chrono Legacy tier list.

To find who is the best character in the game, let’s find out in this Flash Party tier list.

Flash Party Tier List – Best Character Wiki Guide

Flash Party Wiki Guide, flash party tier list

Flash Party has a few characters that you can choose from, but because all of them have their own uniqueness, you might need to choose a character that has the best ability.

This Flash Party tier list will tell you the best character in the game. So this is the Flash Party wiki guide:

Tier List

Flash Party Characters


Miko, Sophia 


Tina Sivi, Yuri


Heracles, Alice





Tier List – SS

  • Miko
  • Sophia

Tier List – S

  • Tina Sivi
  • Yuri

Tier List – A

  • Heracles
  • Alice

Tier List – B

  • Magician

Tier List – C

  • Cupid

I will update this Flash Party tier list when there is a new character update.

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