Godyssey Idle Warriors Tier List Best Heroes (2022)

Godyssey Idle Warriors has many heroes from legendary names. Among them, some can be ranked as the best heroes. In this Godyssey Idle Warriors tier list, I will tell you the best heroes in the game.

Godyssey Idle Warriors has a unique system where you have heroes and the main character simultaneously.

You can’t change your character; only his weapon that determines what role he’s going to play.

But for the heroes, you change them just like any idle RPG game that many gamers are already familiar with. All heroes in Godyssey Idle Warriors have their own role: tank, DPS, support, etc.

Godyssey Idle Warriors also have a rarities system, where the smaller your chance to get them, the better usually they are. And heroes in the highest rarities also have their own classification tier list.

So to find out who are the best heroes in the game that can be considered as an SS-tier, I made this Godyssey Idle Warriors tier list.

Godyssey Idle Warriors Tier List Criteria

Godyssey Idle Warrior Tier List Heroes
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To find the best heroes in the game, I need to make some criteria on how I prioritize when I make this Godyssey Idle Warriors tier list.

S-rarity is Prioritize

The first criteria of this best heroes tier list are to prioritize S-rarity heroes in the Godyssey Idle Warriors tier list.

The first reason is that you only have a maximum of three heroes that you can use simultaneously. This number is minimal compared to other RPG games like this, where they usually have a limit of five or six heroes.

Because of that limit, your chance to replace A-rarity heroes is likely higher. I know some A-rarity heroes are strong, like Ebisu, for example.

That’s why I will also put them in this Godyssey Idle Warriors tier list. Even though it will be rare to see an A-rarity heroes have the best tier.

The second reason is that the pity requirement of Godyssey Idle Warriors is not that high. You only need to pull 50 heroes to give you a guaranteed S-rarity hero.

Compared to other games, they usually have at least 90 pulls.

To increase your chance to get S-rarirty heroes, you might Godyssey Idle Warriors gift codes.


Since the old-time, I don’t really like a character that can only do one thing, except they are really good at it.

For example, a support that can only give healing without offering something more like stats buff or debuff.

I always prefer a hero with the multi capabilities to help the team. This kind of hero is my favorite one to invest in, even for the late-game stages.

That’s why I put multi-function as my second criterion to decide who is the best heroes in Godyssey Idle Warriors.

Dungeon Priority

A dungeon is where your main progress is in Godyssey Idle Warriors. This is where you got all the most essential free resources in the game.

The effect of Dungeon can you feel even if you are just playing the game for a few days. Like it or not, if you like and want to play Godyssey Idle Warriors more, you need to invest your time in Dungeon.

Meanwhile, for other content like PvP or something, it is an additional feature that not all players need to focus on. Not because it’s not essential, but some people just don’t like it for some reason.

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Skill Lv. 4

I can say that Lv.4 is the late part progress of your hero in Godyssey Idle Warrior. So you don’t need to regret it when you invest in them.

They also have one more ability when their skills reach Lv. 4. Some of them are really good and need to be looked at.

So I prefer to use Skill Lv. 4 as the primary benchmark to see how good are they, and determine who is the best heroes in this tier list of Godyssey Idle Warriors.

All heroes, including A-rarity, have 4 skills: Normal attack, CD Skill, Ultimate, and Aura. I will use all of it.

Tier List for All Heroes in Godyssey Idle Warriors

Tier List – SS

  • King Arthur (S – Tank, shield, control)
  • Susanoo (S – Awaken, AoE buff, healer)
  • Poseidon (S – Banish, dispel, faction aura)
  • Gabriel (S – DPS, revive, burn)
  • Zeus (S – AoE Damage, stat burn, pull)
  • Ebisu (A – Healer, super buff)

Tier List – S

  • Hermes (S – Healer, control, buff)
  • Fuxi (S – DPS, crit, control immunity)
  • Gaia (S – Healer, control, healing prevention)
  • Hou Yi (S – Atk Speed, burn, AoE damage)
  • Pangu (S – Counter attack, tank, invincible)
  • Tsukuyomi (S – Charm, purify, AoE Buff)
  • Lilith (A – Summon parasite)

Tier List – A

  • Amaterasu (S – Tank, healing buff, DR%)
  • Hel (Summon, control, aging)
  • Horus (S – DPS, mark, silence)
  • Venus (S – charm, shield, control immunity)
  • Merlin (A – Transform, AoE damage, CD reduction)
  • Medusa (A – Poison, control, def reduction)

Tier List – B

  • Hepheastus (S – Buff, crit, control)
  • Asura (S – Bleed, healing prevention, atk speed)
  • Sphinx (A – Ranged, AoE debuff, dodge)
  • Set (S – Transmorph, AoE debuff, Leech)
  • Loki (S – Summon, healing prevention, buff drain)
  • Garuda (A – Low hp high DPS, burn DoT)
  • Ares (A – Melee, tank, CD reduction)
  • Apollo (A – Healer, ranged, leech)

Tier List – C

  • Heimdallr (A – Counter attack, control immunity, melee)
  • Li Jing (A – Banish, AoE debuff, Anti-stealth)
  • Yang Jian (A – Summon, share damage, pierce)
  • Anubis (A – Transmorph, growth, leech)

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