Godyssey Idle Warriors Complete Reroll Guide & Tips (3 Steps)

Godyssey Idle Warrior has many powerful heroes. At the same time, Godyssey also has unusable heroes that have no use. Rerolling your Godyssey account will help you if you get the second one. So I’m creating this Godyssey reroll guide.

No people can determine what heroes were going to get in Godyssey. But after we know that reality doesn’t want to support us by giving bad and unreliable heroes, rerolling the game is the way to solve it.

Rerolling in Godyssey Idle Warriors is not too hard. And the process to achieve the reroll milestone is also not too far.

That’s why rerolling the account in Godyssey Idle Warriors and creating a brand new one is making sense.

Because that reason, I create this Godyssey reroll guide.

How to Reroll in Godyssey Idle Warriors?

Godyssey Complete Reroll Guide
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Rerolling in Godyssey is easy and quick. There are two methods that you can do to reroll your Godyssey account. I will explain both of them in this Godyssey reroll guide.

So this is how to reroll in Godyssey Idle Warriors:

  1. Open Godyssey Idle Warriors
  2. Tap your Avatar that located on the top-left
  3. There will be two button that related to this reroll guide: First is Switch Server, this method will let you change the server of your Godyssey account. Second, through Account Setting, this will leads you to create a new account in Godyssey.

The second method requires you to have Google or Facebook account. If you don’t have it, then maybe you better choose Switch Account.

That’s it, a guide on how to reroll on Godyssey Idle Warriors.

Do You Need to Reroll in Godyssey Idle Warriors?


You only have ten pull chances, which is not enough. At least for my standard to reroll. To make it worse, your chance to get the highest rate heroes (S-rarities) in the Godyssey is only 2.1%.

And to claim that ten heroes pull, you need to reach Lv. 8. I can do this in 10 minutes. But once you are rerolling Godessey for more than once, you can do it faster cause you already have the exact path.

But, if you use all the gift codes in Godyssey Idle Warriors, you will have more than 30 hero pulls.

The main Battle menu is the best way to reach that level requirement. You need to clear mobs by mobs and defeat the boss in each dungeon you visit.

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The good thing is, since Godyssey is an RPG idle game, you can do this without actually playing the game.

You just need to tap the notification if they appear on your phone screen.

Criteria to Reroll in Goddyssey Idle Warriors

Godyssey Reroll Guide
Image via Yoo Games Global

The last part of my guide about how to reroll in Godyssey Idle Warriors.

You will know what you need to do next after you gacha your ticket in the ten pull heroes summon.

Godyssey has a 2.1% chance to summon S-rarities heroes. With this small number, you need to get one S-rarities hero.

Almost all S-hero in Godyssey is good. But you take a quick look at what you need to get in Hero Popularity.

To get there, visit your Hero menu, then press Hero Popularity located in the top-right.

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