Idle Arena Chaos Impact Beginner Guide: 7 Tips and Tricks

Idle Impact Chaos Arena is an idle RPG gacha game from Kuukigame. Your task is to build a powerful team to clear any stages and challenges. This beginner guide for Idle Arena Chaos Impact will help you achieve it.

This mobile game was released in December 2021. One week before the new year celebration.

Many gamers like Idle Arena Chaos Impact because of its design character that looks cool. Some others like it because of its unique idle system.

Among those reasons, there is one thing for sure; every gamer starts this game without knowing a thing.

All of the buildings and features this game has may confuse some new players. I will guide you, so you don’t need to feel that by giving you five essential tips and tricks to progress faster in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

Let’s start this beginner guide with the first tips.

1. Guide to Progress Faster

Idle Arena Chaos Impact progress guide
Image via Kuukigame

This game feels unique among all the RPG idle games in the market.

Why? Because of the idle system itself. Idle Arena Chaos Impact lets you multitask up to 3 different things simultaneously.

Let’s say that you want to progress your primary quest in the Training menu, but you also want to climb the Pagoda Tower and Explore to search for more gold. Instead of doing that one by one and wasting more time, you can do all of it in less than 1 minute.

You need to do by pressing the main menu tab located below your main screen.

The victory message above comes because I just finished the Training while looking at Pagoda Tower. Meaning that I do two things at the same time.

You can also add one more from the Explore menu.

Don’t forget to claim the free rewards by redeeming all the gift codes of Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

2. Better to not Upgrade Hero from the Same Element

There is something strange that I can’t really understand about the recommended lineup in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

As a beginner, some players might try to follow their recommended lineup that tells them to build a team based on the same class.

But there is a problem, upgrading stars in Idle Arena Chaos Impact is limited to the same class only.

So if you try to upgrade Ao Bing that has Demon class, you also need other five stars heroes that have Demon class.

I prefer to use only one hero that I consider as the best hero in their class. Meaning that I will use a least five classes at the same time. At least that’s what I dream about when creating the ideal team in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

One more thing, some classes like Demon have a unique debuff that you can say as their signature.

That’s why Daji and Ao Bing have the same debuff, Demon Aura. But unfortunately, you can’t stack that debuff. One of them will become less valuable because of this.

Now imagine what happens if you use 5 Demons with the same debuff as that.

This beginner guide is here to help you create a better team, not to say that they are wrong.

If you are getting a flawed hero and want to create a brand new account, you may want to see how to reroll in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

3. Guide to Spend Ingot

Ingot is the premium currency that you can use to pull new heroes in the gacha banner. Other gacha games prefer to say it as Diamonds. But they are still the same thing.

So the third tips in this beginner guide are about Ingot.

In my second beginner guide, I already tell you that this game requires heroes in the same element if you want to add more stars above their head.

So it is essential to use your Ingot only to get more heroes. You need a lot of them. This is the tier list of best heroes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact

4. Guide to Gear

Idle Arena Chaos Impact gear guide
Image via Kuukigame

This guide is the next part of the previous guide.

There is one more reason why you need to spend your Ingot only on new heroes. It’s because you can get a lot of high-quality gears by clearing quests.

Some tasks that you get, like reaching a stage, exploring, clearing Wonder Pagoda, will give you enough gear that you can use for all of your main heroes.

To maximize what you get, don’t forget to click all the red dots that appear on your phone.

5. Limit Yourself

I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. So I supposed it’s not my right to tell you this: don’t play this game too hard.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact has a level requirement to limit you from playing this game more often.

If people usually stop playing an idle game because their team starts to lose its power, then in Idle Arena Chaos Impact, they will force you to stop and collect more idle rewards by giving Lv. requirement.

You can’t do anything about this except quit the game and wait until your idle rewards give you enough EXP for your Lv. account.

6. What to Buy on the Treasure Loft?

Idle Arena Chaos Impact market guide
Image via Kikuugame

The sixth guide is about what to spend on the Treasure Loft (market). This beginner guide is a follow-up version of the third guide.

But I create a separate one because the currency you can use in the market is not limited to Ingot only.

If you see a shining scroll with a price like that ass you can see in the image, you better buy it because you will save 50 Ingot.

One more thing that you need to consider is the Tier-up stone. If you are lucky enough, you will find it on your display. But only buy this item using gold.

7. Hero Rebirth

Idle Arena Chaos Impact rebirth guide
Image via Kuukigame

Hero Rebirth is my last tips and tricks that I can share in this beginner guide of Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

This feature is your way to reset your hero back to Lv. 1.

You don’t need to pay anything for the first 7 days after starting your account. So you can use this feature as much as you like it.

Hero Rebirth is significant if you spend a lot of resources on the wrong hero.

After 7 days, the rebirth cost is calculated based on how many you use this feature on that day.

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