Idle Arena Chaos Impact Reroll Guide (3 Simple Steps)

Idle Arena Chaos Impact starts the game with many heroes to choose from. Getting a flawed hero sometimes make gamer prefer to reroll their account, and this is how to reroll in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

Fortunately for the player who starts this game in just a few minutes, they can get a lot of rewards from all the bonuses that Idle Arena Chaos Impact offers.

This mobile is a simple AFK Idle game where you only need to watch your characters defeat any enemies they will face.

But even though that sounds very simple, you still need a great team with a lot of good heroes.

You should already know your game account’s future just by playing it for a few minutes, and if something wrong is already happening for the first minutes, then you may need to reroll your Idle Arena Chaos Impact account.

This reroll guide of Idle Arena Chaos Impact will help you do that.

How to Reroll in Idle Arena Chaos Impact?

Idle Arena Chaos Impact Reroll Guide
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It’s essential to do twenty pulls summon first before you start rerolling your account. These gachas are a signal for good or bad of your account’s luck.

Getting bad character? Then this is how to reroll in Idle Arena Chaos Impact:

  1. Start Idle Arena Chaos Impact
  2. In the main menu, tap your Avatar that located in the top-left
  3. In that tap, press Switch Account button and you will be redirected to choose your new account.

Do You Need to Reroll?


It would be best to do that because this game gives you quite big rewards for new players.

Added with how easy to do that, I don’t see any reason to reject this if you are getting a bad account.

Getting the twenty characters to pull, as I said before, is quite simple. You need to do all the tasks they give and level up your account to Lv. 15.

Don’t forget to press all the red dots. This small thing will give you a big bonus for your fresh account.

I can do all of that in just 15 minutes. Make sure that you have already redeemed all the gift codes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

Criteria to Reroll

With a 6.66% of getting five stars heroes, I think you can get at least one of them in any of your reroll accounts.

That number is vast compared to other gacha games, especially with gacha games released in 2021.

Many gacha games have rates below 4% for their top rarities heroes.

Getting one 5 stars is enough only if they are very powerful, but if you don’t, you may want to get at least two 5 stars heroes for your team.

Rerolling a game with more than a 6% chance is reasonable. At least it won’t give you a hard time and stressful moments during that reroll process.

Find out who is the best heroes you can get in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List.

Like any other RPG gacha game, all heroes have their purpose. There is a tank and also DPS.

The best character you can get is getting one for each of them. It will complete your team by giving good defense and attack at the same moment.

Once you get the account that suits your criteria, there is a beginner guide for Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

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