Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked (2022)

After playing Idle Arena Chaos Impact for some minutes, this game can give you a few five stars heroes. Among them, some heroes can be considered as the best heroes in the game. Find out all of them in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List.

Since getting five start heroes is not too hard, I only count them as the important heroes of Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

This tier list of Idle Arena Chaos Impact will only use five stars heroes. Besides, I don’t see any reason why people should upgrade four stars heroes when their potential cap is far behind five stars heroes.

You will only get a hard time if you put your focus besides five stars heroes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

So let’s start this Idle Arena Chaos Impact tier list by knowing the criteria first.

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Criteria to Rank

There are several important factors that I consider relatable about this tier list of Idle Arena Chaos Impact, which is:

Five Stars Only

As I said in the introduction of this tier list guide of Idle Arena Chaos Impact. So now, let’s summarize those reasons into one paragraph.

I can only count five stars heroes in this tier list because of how easy it is to get them and how enormous their potential is in the late game.

Four stars heroes are only good in the very beginning of the Idle Arena Chaos Impact, where you are still in the tutorial mode. So once you get five stars heroes, just put them in your team composition.

You can evolve five stars heroes a few times, so in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact tier list, I only count them at their middle level, which is the purple star.

Hoping that this can create a balance between early game heroes to late game heroes.

Race or Class is Important

There are several classes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact. Some of them have their unique ability.

Class or race are essential because some of those classes’ unique skills are stronger than others, and vice versa. Idle Arena Chaos Impact uses this strategy to let you put your focus on them if you want to get heroes with the best tier list.

What differentiates one hero from others in the same classes, is usually the way they use it and the numbers. Some heroes just got ridiculous numbers, making them very OP in Idle Arena Chaos Impact tier list.

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All Heroes Tier List

Tier List



Curtain General, Pangu, Shennong, Goddess, Lady Meng, Nether, Zhulong

Houyi, Nezha, Victorious Budha, Red Boy, Bull Demon King, Kong Xuan, Kun, Kadita, Chiyou


Chang'e, Deng Chanhyu, Jifa, Hua Mulan, Fortune Immortal, Xuanzang, Ao Bing, Bone Spirit, Emperor of the East


Li Jing, Antarctic Fairy, Grandmaster of Heaven, Shiki, Sage of Chaos, Golden Crow, Daji, Yamla


Jiang Ziya, Leizhenzi, Canopy Marshal, Primordial Lord, Yunzhongzi, Qingcang

Tier List – SS

  • Curtain General (Immortal – Tank)
  • Pangu (God – Tank)
  • Shennong (God – Support)
  • Goddess (God – Mage)
  • Lady Meng (Devil – Support)
  • Nether (Devil – Warrior)
  • Zhulong (Devil – Warrior)

Tier List – S

  • Houyi (Mortal – Warrior)
  • Nezha (Mortal – Warrior)
  • Victorious Buddha (Immortal – Warrior)
  • Red Boy (Demon – Tank)
  • Bull Demon King (Demon – Warrior)
  • Kong Xuan (Demon – Mage)
  • Kun (God – Support)
  • Kadita (God – Mage)
  • Chiyou (Devil – Tank)

Tier List – A

  • Chang’e (Mortal – Support)
  • Deng Chanyu (Mortal – Support)
  • Jifa (Mortal – Warrior)
  • Hua Mulan (Mortal – Warrior)
  • Fortune Immortal (Immortal – Support)
  • Xuanzang (Immortal – Warrior)
  • Ao Bing (Demon – Warrior)
  • Bone Spirit (Demon – Mage)
  • Emperor of the East (Devil – Mage)

Tier List – B

  • Li Jing (Mortal – Tank)
  • Antarctic Fairy (Immortal – Support)
  • Grandmaster of Heaven (Immortal – Mage)
  • Shiki (Demon – Support)
  • Sage of Chaos (Demon – Warrior)
  • Golden Crow (Demon – Warrior)
  • Daji (Demon – Mage)
  • Yamla (Devil – Mage)

Tier List – C

  • Jiang Ziya (Mortal – Mage)
  • Leizhenzi (Mortal – Mage)
  • Canopy Marshal (Immortal – Tank)
  • Primordial Lord (Immortal – Mage)
  • Yunzhongzi (Immortal – Mage)
  • Qingcang (Demon – Warrior)

7 Best Heroes (Ranked)

Idle Arena Best Heroes Tier List
Image via Kuukigame

I only put seven heroes in the SS tier of Idle Arena Chaos Impact tier list. Most of them were filled with God and Devil classes. With only one hero excluding them.

If you are still wondering who the best heroes among them are, let me help you with these 7 best heroes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact tier list.

7. Pangu

The only tank hero in the God and Devil class of Idle Arena Chaos Impact. Pangu’s prominent ability comes from his skill that gives one ally a shield for each turn. This skill will be more powerful the more extended the battle. In critical conditions, Pangu will block any damage for one turn.

Pangu is the hero that you need in this tier list, if you like to play a sustained battle in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

6. Curtain General

Both Pangu and Curtain General are the two best tankers in Idle Arena Chaos Impact. But there is a reason why I put Curtain General’s position above, is because of how perfectly synergizes all of his skills. Creating the perfect defense mechanic for him and your main DPS.

Protecting DPS is the most important job of a tank in any game like Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

If you have any thought about him, or feels that Curtain General does not belong in the higher tier list of Idle Arena Chaos Impact, feel free to say that in the comment down below.

5. Shennong

Shennong is what you need if you see any enemies with debuff ability. He can dispel one of them for your three allies. He also has significant healing for remaining allies when he dies.

Shennong is the most positive support in Idle Arena Chaos Impact. Putting him in the 5th spot in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact tier list is reasonable.

4. Lady Meng

The primary support of Devil class. Lady Meng has everything worthy enough to get called the perfect support. She can heal, buff ATK, shield, and debuff. Besides giving positive things to your team, she can also make them cry with her debuff.

Lady Meng has a higher spot in this tier list than Shennong is because her skill is more complex. In fact, she is one of the most complete hero in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

3. Goddess

If you look at her damage number, I think you will be amazed at how big it is. Even the limit itself is enormous, with 4x of her ATK. What makes her scarier is that the less enemy she faces, the harder she will hit. She can apply debuff by giving Blind effect and increasing magic damage received.

A damage dealer in Idle Arena Chaos Impact that will hit very painful. Goddess is very powerful, but I can’t place her higher because the other two are far stronger than her in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact tier list.

2. Nether

What makes Nether different from any other DPS in the game is because of how great is his 4th skill. It can heal all of your allies when the enemies die by Sword Wound (passive), based on 80% of his attacks.

So Nether is the one hero that can constantly heal while dealing high damage. One of the best choices you can get in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

1. Zhulong

One of the most unique heroes in Idle Arena Chaos Impact. When his HP’s below 50%, he can transform into a dragon that dispels all debuff in himself, increase ATK, heal, reduce magic damage. He can also transfer the enemy’s buff to Curse.

He has everything. Zhulong is the best hero in Idle Arena Chaos Impact. As well as the closing hero of this tier list.

If you’re confident enough to get him, why don’t you try to reroll your account? This is how to reroll in Idle Arena Chaos Impact.

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