Immortal Summoners Awaken Beginner Guide: 7 Early Game Tips

Immortal Summoners has a lot of features for new players. Find out all of those features, tips, and tricks in this Immortal Summoners Awaken Beginner Guide.

First of all, Immortal Summoners Awaken is very newbie-friendly with its simple UI design. You can move between all the features in a quick move.

Moreover, this mobile game is also f2p friendly that lets you gacha any heroes for more than 200 times in less than a week.

I think it’s a large number. Especially in this RPG Idle genre where some companies, prefer to limit this thing because afraid can’t get a maximum profit.

Let’s find out how to do that in this Immortal Summoners Awaken beginner guide. I will guide you with the most basic tips and tricks that are actually very important for your game progress.

This beginner guide of Immortal Summoners Awaken doesn’t have a specific order. Just follow it from whatever you are comfortable with.

1. Guide to Building Team

Immortal Summoners Awaken Team Build Guide
Image via Kyoo Games

Building a team is the most basic yet important thing in any RPG Idle game. That’s why I want to tell you as soon as possible in this Immortal Summoners Awaken beginner guide.

All of the heroes in this game are classified into a faction. It’s like a race or clan in some other game.

One way to build the best team is by using heroes from the same faction.

Saint, Hunter, Vampire, Orcish have the same bonus faction. When you collect 6 heroes from one faction and put them in the same team, you will get 12% ATK and 18% HP. Great buff, right?

Also, you can mix it. For example, 3 Hunter and 3 Vampire. In this way, you will get 9% ATK and 12% HP. Not too good, but at least it still can help you to win the game.

The factions that have a unique bonus are Angel and Demon. Angel has a bonus faction that can follow the bonus faction that you already have. Meanwhile for Demon, they have their own ability that looks very OP if you use 6 of them on the same team.

There is no limitation on how you want to build your team. In this beginner guide, I don’t want to make you feel forced about must having that and this.

But if you really think that you need to make the best team in this mobile game, you may want to reroll your game account. This is how to reroll in Immortal Summoners Awaken.

2. Guide to Leveling Heroes

Leveling heroes will increase your team’s CP. Doing this is very important if you want to clear any stages without suffering too much.

CP is like a signal that tells you about your overall power, as well as your enemies. Making sure that your CP does not fall behind is important.

You can only pass and don’t need to care about CP if your team is full of the best heroes in Immortal Summoners Awaken.

And if you don’t, you may need to reconsider your thought and start upgrading your heroes.

Let’s say that you’ve got 1 SS-tier hero, you may think that you need to prioritize him and do a full upgrade. But for me, you still need to balance your team. Focusing on 1 hero only is still far from enough, especially in the early game where the power scaling is still very small.

3. Origin Circle and Energy Rune Buildings is Very Useful

Other tips to continue the previous beginner guide section is, don’t be afraid to waste resources on the wrong hero.

There is a way to compensate for your resources.

First, through Hero Reset that you can find in Origin Circle. Use this feature to reset your hero back to Lv. 1, just like its name. All of your resources will come back to you. It pays you 20 diamonds. I know, but this number is actually very small if you compared it to what you get.

The second way is by using the Energy Rune building. This is a common feature that lets you instantly increase your hero level by using the lowest level of your top 5 highest level heroes.

This section of the beginner guide is not over yet. Let’s get back to Origin Circle, this building also has a feature called Hero Retire, which lets you convert any common heroes that you got into Valiant Coin. Once you collect 16k Valiant Coin, use it to buy 60 Elite Hero Stones.

There are also more features. But like the name of this guide, this is a beginner guide for Immortal Summoners Awaken. I’m not covering the others is because it’s a late game feature.

4. Prepare Before Doing Exploration

Exploration is a feature in Immortal Summoners Awaken that gives big rewards once you finish the task or exploration.

Before you do that, I have some tips and tricks for you, make sure that your team is ready. In the meaning of, you already use all of your resources into your team.

Exploration will give you a lot of stages, OP buffs, and new heroes to join your exploration party (including Angel and Demon). However, each stage you pass will not refill your HP. Meaning that you need a great healer for your team.

Also, in the middle of your adventure, you will find a merchant that sells purple gears with a big selling discount. So make sure that you already have enough diamonds before starting a new exploration.

5. Server Ceremony is Heaven for F2P

Immortal Summoners Awaken Server Ceremony
Image via Kyoo Games

This feature allows you to test your luck to its limit. It will give you 70 free pulls in total, with 10 pulls for each day. They even include the new gift codes for Immortal Summoners Awaken also. If we count that too, you will get 110 hero tickets in total.

You can find this menu in the top-left near your Avatar.

Basically, a Server Ceremony is like a quest that you need to clear to help you understand the mechanic of the game. Kinda looks like a Daily Quest. Even though Immortal Summoners Awaken also have that too.

The mission is very simple, especially on Day 1. You just need to do summon hero, retire hero, etc.

The real challenge will start on Day 4, where you need to clear the 40th floor of Trial Tower. From this, the task that you need to pass becomes harder for each day.

My tips for you is you just need to play the game as usual. Even though the task is harder, it’s actually just a simple thing like clearing stages or passing tower.

6. What to Buy on the Market?

Immortal Summoners Awaken Market Guide
Image via Kyoo Games

My 6th beginner guide is about market.

The items that Immortal Summoners Awaken sells in the market will get reseted for each day. You can also watch the 30 seconds video to get a free reset.

There are 3 methods to buy these items: diamond, gold, and watching a video.

The first one is probably what makes you confused because it’s very valuable. The items that you can buy when using diamond is like purple gear or hero soul fragments.

Hero soul fragments are your number 1 choice if you already have the hero. It will allow you to evolve your hero into a better one. This thing is very important, especially if you don’t want to get stuck because you don’t have the premium resources that you need.

Purple gear can be important if you really need good gear for your hero. But as I said, you still can get purple gear from Exploration. Buy this only if you already got tired of the gacha hell. At least what you spend in here is what you get.

7. Don’t Push the Game too Hard

My last beginner guide and tips that I can share with you is about stopping the game if you are already got tired.

Immortal Summoners Awaken is very fun to play, especially with rewards that they share for new players. Make me forget that this mobile game is supposed to be an Idle RPG game.

Playing too much won’t be much effective.

In the end, there is another reason why people keep playing RPG games besides because they like it, it’s because they want to grind and farm for their account. So they can progress faster.

But because Immortal Summoners Awaken is an Idle game. You can still collect the rewards even when you’re offline. In fact, the offline reward is very large.

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