Immortal Summoners Awaken Reroll Guide (3 Easy Steps)

Immortal Summoners Awaken brings many rewards for new players. With that in mind, rerolling for this game is worthy enough for your time. But how exactly to reroll in Immortal Summoners Awaken? Find out in this guide.

Bad luck can happen to anyone, including gamers, especially the mobile players that are already get trapped in the gacha hell.

One way to get out of that nightmare is by rerolling your game account and starting a new one. Immortal Summoners Awaken by KYoo Games fortunately gives us a feature to do that.

Features to reroll? Check. But how many rewards that you will get by rerolling your account in Immortal Summoner?

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Do You Need to Reroll?

As I said above, this game can give you big rewards when creating a fresh account.

There are a few ways to get summon scrolls or diamonds. The best way to do that is by redeeming Immortal Summoners Awaken’s gift codes into your account.

The second way is by clearing campaign mode until you finished chapter 2. I can do this in less than 20 minutes. Considering the prizes that I get, I can say that it’s still worth it.

In total, I can pull more than 40 heroes. This is a big number, especially for this year when some RPG games prefer to limit their prize for early game players.

Criteria to Reroll Your Account

The standard for those words is depending on each player. But for me, I need to get at least 4 five-star heroes. With one five-star hero for every ten pulls, usually.

And the criteria for each hero is at least one S-tier or if I got lucky enough, one SS-tier hero. I don’t really want to hurt myself to repeat this reroll process again and again. That’s why S-tier heroes are enough for me. Check this out, Immortal Summoners Tier List.

I don’t really care about the other three. My priority is one hero to carry the game until I finished my journey on Immortal Summoners Awaken.

How to Reroll in Immortal Summoners?

Immortal Summoners How to Reroll
Image via KYoo Games

Summoners Awaken won’t give you a hard time when doing this RPG Gacha games culture. They give us an option to choose between changing the server or changing the whole account.

You can reroll in Immortal Summoners easily in just a few minutes. All you need to do is just a few simple steps, which is?

  1. Open your Immortal Summoners app.
  2. Open your Avatar by pressing your profile picture.
  3. In the Account menu, there are two ways to do this: by switching server (press Switch Server button) and switch account (press Account Center button). Both of this method can give you redeem codes reward.

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