Kingdom Boss Hero RPG Reroll Guide: (5 Easy Steps)

Kingdom Boss Hero RPG is an RPG fantasy game from PLAYSTUDIOS INC. This game brings simplicity to its characters’ rarities. But it would be best if you still had some luck to get what you want. Rerolling is one way to compensate it in case you fail.

Reroll is a must for a lot of gacha games. But the question is, is it hard to reroll in Kingdom Boss?

The simple answer is yes. If only you don’t know the trick.

Because in Kingdom Boss, there are no specific buttons like Delete or Switch Account. Like you usually see in this type of game.

This mobile game guide will tell you how to reroll in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG, so you don’t need to clear your game data and redownload the game.

How to Reroll in Kingdom Boss?

Kingdom Boss Hero RPG How to Reroll

The tricks that I want to show you require you to have a Facebook or Apple account. Unfortunately, if you don’t, you need to use the old method to clear your game data.

If you already created one, then this is how to reroll in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG:

  1. Launch the game. You can use signed or guest account at this step.
  2. At main menu (Castle), press your Avatar that located on top-left.
  3. You will see ACCOUNT tab on the bottom-right, press it.
  4. Connect to your prefered account.
  5. Because I use Facebook, the game says to Disconnect Facebook, touch it.

You will be directed to the starting menu, starting with a new guest account. So that’s it, five steps to reroll your account in Kingdom Boss.

But if the button is still unchanged where you can’t find the disconnect menu, then you can relaunch your Kingdom Boss. It’s just a bug.

Do You Need to Reroll?

Not really.

The number of pulls you can get is less than 20 pulls, around 15 to be exact.

It depends on the player, but that number is not enough for me when I only have two Facebook accounts.

As you already know, creating an FB account is not simple. There are a few steps that are going to take your time.

So unless you have much of it, I don’t really recommend you.

You need to clear Campaign chapter 1 to claim all the rewards. Use ten summon tickets, then spend all of your Gems.

It takes at least 15 – 20 minutes to do all of them. Not too long.

Criteria to Reroll?

If there is something good about Kingdom Boss Hero RPG regarding rerolling, this mobile game has a 7% chance of pulling the epic hero.

No, there are no higher base rarities in this game. Epic is the top base rarities in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG.

Getting two epic heroes is my goal. Since it will complete my team party with full of epic heroes, which is four.

If you can’t get two, at least you need a really good one Epic Hero.

I can say that’s the ideal early milestone of the Kingdom Boss Hero RPG.

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