Kingdom Boss Hero RPG Tier List: 4 Best Heroes Ranked (2022)

Kingdom Boss Hero RPG has totals of more than 40 heroes. Between them, there are a few heroes that can be considered as the best heroes. I created a tier list for Kingdom Boss Hero RPG to know who they are.

It’s not like other typical RPG idle games; Kingdom Boss lets you see a more in-depth animation of the characters. Like how they walk, express, and more.

However, there is something that can’t be separated in gacha games, which is a tier list. Any mobile game that uses this genre will always have a tier list, to determine the recommended or best heroes in the game.

So about Kingdom Boss Hero RPG, who are they? Who are the best heroes that you better get?

Let’s start this Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list to answer that.

Criteria to Rank

Epic and Rare

This game has three base rarities: Common as the weakest and easiest to get, Rare, and Epic.

Because Kingdom Boss Hero RPG only has three, your chance to get Common and Rare heroes is almost the same. 50% chance for Common, 43% chance for Rare, and 7% chance for Epic.

By those huge different numbers between Rare and Epic heroes, I guess many gamers already have a tough on their minds. Epic is far better than Rare heroes.

I agreed. But because of the limitations of available heroes, I prefer to add Rare heroes also.

Because if I don’t, this Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list will only have a list of 20 heroes.

Factions is Very Important

Factions or elements are common in RPG games, especially for a mobile platform.

But I use the word “Very” because, in Kingdom Boss, the advantage faction has a 50% more damage bonus, and vice versa.

That’s why later in the content when I ranked the best heroes, I only gave four numbers.

Each one will represent their factions.

Focus on Specific Team

It’s kinda hard to make a tier list for a game like Kingdom Boss Hero RPG. A game that requires other heroes, factions and classes to see each heroes’ full potential.

So even when you get two SS tier heroes, for example, if you don’t have the specific requirements, it will be hard to see their shine as they used to be.

The problem is, almost all heroes in this game use this kind of thing.

That’s why I can’t put universality in this tier list criteria like I already used in my others. Creating a team composition in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG is much more different.

So besides getting multiple heroes classified as the best tier, you can also try to get heroes that support each other’s abilities.

I also put a level of their demand level from low, medium, until high.

If you want to get the best hero in this game, but reality still says no, you might want to try, to reroll your Kingdom Boss Hero RPG account.

All Heroes Tier List

Tier List



Felbog, Rowan, Alanna, Zhi, Rakav


Netis, Vorzula, Bloodcrow, Atmar, Galen, Sunder


Wraith, Celestine, Helga, Pyre, Cascade, Durzug, Whisper, Cora


Stillfalke, Domly, Henrir, Mithriel, Sable, Griff, Artemis, Dimos, Flora, Scutes


Gregor, Slyvian, Pollix, Orin

Tier List – SS

  • Felbog – (Risen – Mage – Medium – Epic)
  • Rowan – (Risen – Defender – Low – Epic)
  • Alanna – (Empire – Defender – Medium – Epic)
  • Zhi – (Syndicate – Striker – Medium – Epic)
  • Rakav – (Warband – Striker – Ultra High – Epic)

Tier List – S

  • Netis – (Risen – Striker – Ultra High – Epic)
  • Vorzula – (Risen – Striker – Ultra High – Epic)
  • Bloodcrow – (Risen – Support – High – Rare)
  • Atmar – (Empire – Striker – Low – Epic)
  • Galen – (Empire – Support – Low – Rare)
  • Sunder – (Warband – Striker – Medium – Epic)

Tier List – A

  • Wraith – (Risen – Striker – Very Low – Epic)
  • Celestine – (Empire – Support – Low – Epic)
  • Helga – (Empire – Striker – Low – Epic)
  • Pyre – (Empire – Striker – Very Low – Epic)
  • Cascade (Syndicate – Striker – Medium – Epic)
  • Durzug – (Syndicate – Defender – Low – Rare)
  • Whisper – (Syndicate – Striker – Low – Rare)
  • Cora – (Warband – Defender – Low – Rare)

Tier List – B

  • Stillfalke – (Risen – Striker – Low – Rare)
  • Domly – (Empire – Striker – High – Epic)
  • Henrir – (Syndicate – Striker – High – Epic)
  • Mithriel – (Empire – Striker – Low – Rare)
  • Sable – (Syndicate – Support – Low – Epic)
  • Griff – (Syndicate – Striker – Medium – Epic)
  • Artemis – (Warband – Support – Medium – Epic)
  • Dimos – (Warband – Striker – Medium – Epic)
  • Flora – (Warband – Support – Low – Rare)
  • Scutes – (Warband – Defender – Low – Rare)

Tier List – C

  • Gregor – (Risen – Striker – Low – Rare)
  • Slyvian – (Empire – Striker – Low -Rare)
  • Pollix – Syndicate – Striker – High – Epic)
  • Orin – (Warband – Striker – Low – Epic)

Ranked the Best Heroes

Kingdom Boss Hero RPG Ranked Best Heroes Tier List

In the tier list of Kingdom Boss Hero RPG above, I’ve got 5 heroes that can be considered as SS tier. But special for this game, I will only rank four of them.

Each of them will symbolize their faction. And there is only one symbol needed.

4. Felbog (Risen)

His ultimate can deal double debuff: Poisoned and Slowed. The other skill is to make Toxic allies become stronger for them and for Felbog. But his true power hides behind his ability to Drain enemy’s Energy up to 30% using basic attack.

Felbog becomes very lethal once you invest a lot of resources on him.

3. Rakav (Warband)

Rakav is one kind of hero that even I rarely see in any other game like this. He can command other allies to attack the target that he chooses. Rakav is what you need the most when playing Warband team because of his Hastened buff, applies wounded using basic attack, removes two debuffs and turn that into buff every 8s.

One more thing, Rakav’s last skill make Warband Melee allies’ critical strike applied Stun.

The only reason I place him in third place in this tier list of Kingdom Boss Hero RPG is because his requirements are very demanding.

2. Alanna (Empire)

Alanna’s ultimate is the most powerful defensive ability in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG. She also has a skill that lets her taunting for the first second of the battle. Remove 3 layers of buff from 1 enemy. Her last skills can heal all allies every 2 seconds.

I put Alanna as the second one overall in the game, because of how good and synergize all of her defensive skills are.

1. Zhi (Syndicate)

In her ultimate, she has one of the best offensive abilities in the game, even though Zhi is a defender. She can do a lot of things to make sure her enemies cry in pain. She is also the master of dodge of basic attack with 25% chance, and 50% when she taunting. She also has a buff purge and applies Inhibited to 1 enemy.

I already said a lot of things about her capability as a damager, but what about her defensive department since Zhi is a tank? She has a skill that grants 30% damage reduction for front allies, and 5% more for each Syndicate ally.

Zhi is the most complete hero in the game. And at the same time, you don’t really need to place Syndicate or any specific heroes to make her shine. That’s why I place Zhi as the best hero in Kingdom Boss.

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