Kingdom Quest Idle Game Beginner Guide: 7 Important Tips

Kingdom Quest Idle Game was released in December 2021. New players keep coming and questioning on how to progress in the early game, and in this Kingdom Quest Idle Game Beginner Guide, I will tell you how by giving 7 important tips.

This mobile game has a lot of things to do. All of them have one purpose: increasing your team party’s CP so that you can clear any stages and challenges with ease.

Right now, I will help you to achieve it in a practical yet efficient way by creating this Kingdom Quest Idle Game beginner guide.

I will divide it into 7 tips and tricks to make it easier to understand. All of these tips do not require you to spend any real money. Meaning that this guide is F2P friendly.

So let’s start this beginner guide of Kingdom Quest from the first tips.

1. Guide to Positioning

Kingdom Quest Idle Game Position Guide
Image via StormX

What differentiates Kingdom Quest Idle Game from another game in the same RPG Idle genre is that this mobile game focuses on the strategic issue.

You can’t place your hero whatever you want to simply by using a tank as frontline and DPS as a backline. No, Kingdom Quest is not that simple.

Idle term in this game only applies to its watching gameplay. Not the preparation.

It would help if you positioned your heroes depending on your enemies. Look at their position and predict where they are going to attack.

The most simple yet effective method you can do is place your tank in the front position, and face-to-face with your enemy’s primary damage dealer.

Behind your tank, place your main DPS. It can be anyone from any role, as long as they can deal a lot of damages, especially AoE DMG. They are supposed to defeat enemies’ main DPS.

Or when you face a boss that can kill you in just one move, then you need to position your main DPS as far as possible.

In that image above, I already lose one time; that’s why I put my duo main DPS, which is Loras and Julie, in the 5th and 6th positions. Meaning that they are supposed to be the last survivor of that stage.

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2. Tank is Kinda Unimportant

Kingdom Quest Idle game has a lot of prospects with its strategic gameplay. But unfortunately, I think they are not really successful when balancing the heroes.

This second guide is actually the opposite of what I said above.

There is an issue, a big issue actually, that tanks in this game can’t compete with how good the damagers are.

If you look at any other RPG games, Idle theme including, their top-tier tanks will have a defensive buff that also applies to other allies. Not just themselves.

Because of that, even though there is an enemy with a big AoE DMG, they still benefit from using a great tanker.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Kingdom Quest; all the tanks in this game, even the SSR tank you get after spending a lot of time and grinding, only have a selfish buff.

This problem is further exacerbated by the many heroes with giant AoE attacks.

We don’t even need to talk about SSR heroes, even Loras, as the first and free SR heroes that we got can also make an AoE attack.

No matter how challenging the tank is, if the enemy is already has a way to attack the backside, that tank will become useless.

3. Guide to Spending Diamonds

This third guide for Kingdom Quest is essential. Because once you do that in the wrong way, recovering is almost impossible.

Kingdom Quest Idle Game will give you a hard time searching for diamonds.

This mobile is not stingy, but not generous too. It’s just in the middle, where I have difficulty deciding their generosity.

First, Kingdom Quest Idle Game not only has one character or hero banner. They can even facilitate you to choose between three banners at the exact moment.

So when you play this game where you find one banner only, you better save your diamonds and wait for the next featured hero or heroes.

Spending a lot of diamonds in a regular banner will lead to ultimate uncertainty. You don’t know when you will get an SSR hero, and the worst part is that you can’t even predict or expect what hero you will get because they all have the same rate.

Other than spending on heroes, I can’t honestly find any other worthy items to buy.

For me, my number 1 goal is achieving 100 pulls to get a guaranteed SSR hero. Spending diamonds on other things is only going to slow it down.

4. Guide to Energy

Kingdom Quest Idle Game uses energy to limit your gameplay.

So if you don’t want to run out of energy before doing what you need, you better be careful about where you are going to spend it.

But in terms of energy, Kingdom Quest is very pleasing. A lot of tasks will give you energy as a reward. This mobile game is also creating a specific menu to claim 60 bonus energies after some hours.

The most common way to spend your energy is by sweeping for equipment and tier material.

I’m not saying that method is wrong, but for me, it will be better if you do it only if your campaign gets stuck.

Because in the end, all of the material you got from sweeping is basically the previous campaign that you already finished with three stars.

5. Full Upgrade on Important Heroes Only

Kingdom Quest Upgrade Heroes Guide
Image via StormX

This can be bad news if RNG God doesn’t support you.

If you keep failing at getting a good hero, there is no option rather than complete upgrading your already-have hero. The problem is, it will lead you to spend on essential yet scarce material.

Kingdom Quest Idle Game offers you a feature to reset your character, but unlike any other gacha game, this game needs specific material to do that. In this patch, they can’t even explain how to get it.

Meaning that you need to use it only when you really need it, or you can buy it by spending 250 diamonds.

6. Upgrade Your Castle

Kingdom Quest Castle Guide
Image via StormX

Castle can give you a lot of material to upgrade your equipment and tier. This feature is also the reason why this game is called Kingdom Quest.

Using and managing the Kingdom Quest Idle Game castle is very simple. For early games, all you need to do is create any required items to upgrade your buildings.

That building will produce some specific material that you can use to trade with equipment and tier material.

Castle is your second method after the campaign. As time goes by, you will unlock more buildings to help you build your team by giving more and more materials.

7. Guide to Team Composition

Kingdom Quest Team Build Compostion Guide
Image via StormX

Kingdom Quest Idle Game is like trying to force you to use the same element on one team party, by giving a big scale of a buff between 2 same elements and 6 same elements.

The difference is enormous; it will multiply your ATK% and HP% by 10x.

But for the early game, it is up to you to force yourself to use the 6 same elements that are almost impossible to get, except you are fortunate, or be realistic by using what you already got.

The second choice suits me the most.

The first choice can only happen if you spend a lot of money, progress the game step-by-step, or reroll your Kingdom Quest Idle Game account and hope that you are fortunate.

For the third choice, you may want to read this Kingdom Quest Idle Game Reroll Guide.

Besides using the same element, you may need to consider your role composition for your team build.

Like I already said, tank in this game is not too valuable. So it’s still reasonable if you use a team builds full of DPS heroes. It will be better if some of them are full AoE damage.

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