Kingdom Quest Idle Game Reroll Guide (5 Easy Steps)

Kingdom Quest Idle Game makes reroll guide is a must because of how complicated it is. Rerolling in the Kingdom Quest Idle Game is a little bit harder, but don’t worry, because I will show you how to reroll in Kingdom Quest Idle Game.

This mobile game gives a few early game rewards for you so you can convert into some new characters. If you got a bad one, Then rerolling your Kingdom Quest account is necessary.

Kingdom Quest Idle Game brings Idle RPG games to a new level with its smooth animation. In reroll terms, this can be unpleasant because our mind just wants the game to finish as fast as possible.

Before you choose to start a new account, make sure you already know the tier list of best heroes in Kingdom Quest.

I created this reroll guide because doing that in Kingdom Quest Idle Game is a little bit harder, especially if you compare it to the same game in this genre.

How to Reroll in Kingdom Quest Idle Game?

Kingdown Quest Idle Game How to Reroll
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Before you choose to reroll your game account, make sure you already do the ten premium summon pulls in the gacha menu.

If you are still not satisfied with what you got, then that’s the time for you to reroll in the Kingdom Quest Idle game, and this is the step-by-step on how to do it:

  1. Launch Kingdom Quest Idle Game
  2. In the main menu, go to your Account Info by pressing your Avatar icon that located on the left-top side.
  3. This is the tricky part, you need to connect your account with Google Play by pressing Account button.
  4. Once you do that, the Google Play button will change into Connected status, just press it.
  5. Logout the game, and you will start again with a brand new account.

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Do You Need to Reroll?

The simple answer is yes.

However, you can’t expect that Kingdom Quest Idle Game will give you a lot of rewards in the early minutes of the game.

First of all, there is no such thing as free mail to claim that contains big numbers of diamonds or 10 summon scrolls. In fact, there is nothing at all. This reroll guide only helps you give an idea and tell you how to reroll in Kindom Quest Idle Game. Not giving you rewards.

Secondly, you need to grind a little bit before choosing to reroll your Kingdom Quest Idle Game account. In total, you need at least 15 minutes, if not 20 minutes.

Clear quest chapters 3-5, and capture the second place in the Adventure mode. Doing this, plus claiming all the rewards, will give you enough premium summon scrolls to do the ten pulls.

Just hope you can get at least one great hero to carry the game, so you don’t need to repeat the process.

Kingdom Quest Idle Game is fun, but it will become frustrating if we can’t get what we want.

My following guide is about when to stop or continue this nightmare cycle.

Criteria to Reroll Your Game Account

This third part guide is about deciding what criteria or minimum requirements to reroll in the Kingdom Quest Idle Game.

I already tell you that you need at least 10 premium summon scrolls before deciding to start a new account.

The reason is that Kingdom Quest Idle Game has a feature that guarantees you to get at least one SR hero at the tenth pull. But no, your target is SSR heroes with a 5% chance only.

If you think you can do that, then do it. But if you are already tired and bored repeating the same process again and again, then at least you need to get some great SR heroes.

It will be much better if you get at least three SR heroes, but if you don’t and only got two, at least all of them are the same element. The best one is fire because you already have one from the tutorial.

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