Kingdom Quest Tier List and 7 Best Heroes Ranked (2022)

Kingdom Quest Idle Game has a simple method to divide their heroes’ rarity; R, SR, and SSR. In this Kingdom Quest tier list, you only need to care about SR and SSR heroes.

For rare (R) heroes, you only need them as your collection.

There are no particular or OP elements in Kingdom Quest Idle Game. Those heroes have their own elements: Light, Wood, Water, Dark, Fire, and Rock. These elements have their specialty and weakness to other elements.

All heroes also have their role in telling us which playstyle suits them.

Getting the perfect combination between using the same element and the correct role will take your team in Kingdom Quest Idle Game to the next level.

Using that combination with the best heroes in Kingdom Quest tier list, and will make everything easier. No matter what type of content you will face, nor PvE and PvP.

So who are the best heroes in Kingdom Quest tier list? Let’s find out in this Kingdom Quest Idle Game tier list.

Criteria to Ranking the Best Heroes in this Tier List

To find the best heroes in the Kingdom Quest tier list, I will use these criteria to make this Kingdom Quest tier list:

DPS > Tank

In this Kingdom Quest beginner guide, I already tell you that tank in Kingdom Quest is not very useful.

It is hard to rely on your tank when they can only protect and give defensive buff for themselves. Almost all of them are tough, but what is the meaning of that when all of your DPS is dying and leaving your tank alone? Kingdom Quest does the same thing in every of their tank.

On the other hand, DPS in Kingdom Quest Idle game is potent, especially the SSR heroes. Many of them have AoE skills that can kill your team in just a few seconds.

Confronting them without any defensive buff is just a suicide mission. That’s why tanks in the Kingdom Quest tier list will have a smaller chance to rank higher in the tier list.

AoE Damage

The second thing I want to tell in this Kingdom Quest tier list is about AoE DMG. It also continues our first criteria where tank is somewhat unimportant.

To make those tank feels sad because they are the last standing one in their team is very simple; use heroes with hard-hitting AoE DMG.

No matter how perfect their positioning, in front of “damage to all heroes,” their strategy is useless. There is no place to hide when facing this kind of damage.

These kinds of unbalance make AoE DPS heroes can climb the tier list much easier. An advantage that is already proven to be very useful in Kingdom Quest Idle Game.

Rarity is Very Important

I don’t really know how to feel about this. On one side, this thing should be a regular thing yet reasonable where the more complicated you get, the better you get. A simple common sense that happens every time, including Kingdom Quest.

But also makes some gamers with a problem with luck can’t do anything about it.

In Kingdom Quest Idle Game, almost all SR heroes will be overshadowed by the mighty power of SSR heroes.

This mobile game is not like some RPG Idle game where one of the most powerful characters is hidden in the low rarities.

Because of that, this tier list will prioritize SSR heroes to rank higher in the tier list of Kingdom Quest.

If you are looking for these characters but unfortunately not lucky enough, you may want to reroll your account in Kingdom Quest.

Tier List for All Heroes in Kingdom Quest

Tier List



Marta, Asuka, Kyle, Leonard


Ironfist, Vargas, Magnus, Julie, Volcano, Anubis, Lass, Rosar


Cecilia, Crocodilia, Veronica, Olive, Quaker, Lazaro, Xiao, Feros, Stone, Tirion, Jenna, Murka, Zed, Loras


Uva, Jerome, Magath, Samper, Sarah, Stormaxe, Fei, Arthur, Irina


Kar, Hass, Zika, Mook, Loupgarou, Odin, Tobi, Horn

Tier List – SS

  • Marta (SSR – Wood)
  • Asuka (SSR – Light)
  • Kyle (SSR – Fire)
  • Leonard (SSR – Fire)

Tier List – S

  • Ironfist (SSR – Rock)
  • Magnus (SSR – Dark)
  • Vargas (SSR – Fire)
  • Julie (SR – Fire)
  • Volcano (SR – Rock)
  • Anubis (SR – Water)
  • Lass (SR – Dark)
  • Rosar (SR – Wood)

Tier List – A

  • Cecilia (SSR – Dark)
  • Crocodilia (SSR – Water)
  • Veronica (SSR – Water)
  • Olive (SSR – Wood)
  • Quaker (SSR – Rock)
  • Lazaro (SSR – Light)
  • Xiao (SR – Fire)
  • Feros (SR – Rock)
  • Stone (SR – Rock)
  • Tirion (SR – Water)
  • Jenna (SR – Water)
  • Murka (SR – Wood)
  • Zed (SR – Water)
  • Loras (SR – Fire)

Tier List – B

  • Uva (SR – Waer)
  • Jerome (SR – Rock)
  • Magath (SR – Water)
  • Samper (SR – Wood)
  • Sarah (SR – Wood)
  • Stormaxe (SR – Light)
  • Fei (SR – Fire)
  • Arthur (SR – Rock)
  • Irina (SR – Wood)

Tier List – C

  • Kar (SR – Fire)
  • Hass (SR – Wood)
  • Zika (SR – Water)
  • Mook (SR – Wood)
  • Loupgarou (SR – Rock)
  • Odin (SR – Rock)
  • Tobi (SR – Fire)
  • Horn (SR – Fire)

Ranked the Best Heroes in Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest Best Heroes Tier List
Image via StormX

I give SS tier only to 4 heroes in the Kingdom Quest tier list, but because that number is too small, I will also put another 3 S tier heroes.

Because they are from different tier list, it will be obvious to put the three worst heroes in this list as the S tier heroes.

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7. Ironfist

Ironfist as a selfish tank is actually very tough. Defeating him is such a hard job to do in Kingdom Quest. His ultimate attacks all enemy and increase his DEF (70%) and DMG Resistance (20%) for 2 turns. After that, Ironfist will automatically use his skill, making his DEF go even further.

If only that kind of OP skill also applied to allies, or at least one ally, I would definitely put him higher in this best heroes tier list of Kingdom Quest.

6. Magnus

Magnus specializes in reducing enemies’ rage and penetrating their Guard. Rage is critical in Kingdom Quest because that’s the heroes’ main strength.

The only reason I give Magnus the number 4 spot in the Kingdom Quest tier list is that his ultimate can only target one row, and his skill target 1 enemy.

5. Vargas

Vargas is what you need to if you are looking for a high damage dealer from the Fire element of Kingdom Quest. Paralyze is basically like stun, and Vargas has a 30% chance to stun up to 3 enemies with the highest ATK. He also has a debuff to reduce their ATK rate.

Combining Paralye and reducing enemies’ ATK makes Vargas very deadly as a damaged and debuffer in Kingdom Quest Idle Game tier list.

4. Leonard

If Vargas is the master of debuffer, then Leonard is otherwise. His buff can increase allies’ crit rate up to 20%. Like any RPG game, critical is very crucial for DPS. The same thing is also applied to Kingdom Quest.

His skills are simple yet effective, especially in the late game, where critical damage can be a game-changer. 4th spot in the tier list is already good enough for Leonard.

3. Asuka

Asuka is one of the deadliest assassins in Kingdom Quest. Her skills can apply Stun to 3 targets with a 35% chance for 1 turn, and recover allies’ HP on the same column for 15%.

Her skills will apply poison to enemies in one row and give a buff to allies located in the row with a bonus crit rate of 1 turn.

Debuff and buff from the same hero. Asuka is the third-best character in the Kingdom Quest tier list because of her complexity.

2. Kyle

Kyle, just like how he looks, masters Fire to element to its core and turn into one of the greatest mages in the Kingdom Quest. Kyle specializes in Burning debuff and reducing enemies’ rage. He will also buff allies’ ATK that is located in the same row. If you calculated his total damage, his damage is very high.

He can also do that with his skill. The only difference is he will buff allies’ Guard Rate.

I can’t place Kyle in the first place in this tier list because his damage can’t target all heroes. Kingdom Quest balancing him good enough so he can’t be too OP.

1. Marta

Marta is the best hero in Kingdom Quest tier list, because of her tremendous AoE damage to all heroes. Besides her damage, she also has a 30% chance to silence the targets and increase her crit rate to 100% if someone dies.

Not only from Marta’s ultimate, but her skill can also do that. She is the perfect example of how OP a DPS can be in Kingdom Quest tier list.

Damage and Silence is the perfect combination in Kingdom Quest Idle Game. Because one way to penetrate an enemy’s defense is by using a skill, and Marta’s Silence executes that perfectly.

All of that is why I put Marta as an SS tier hero in this Kingdom Quest tier list and the best hero in the game overall.

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