Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Beginner Guide: 7 Tips & Tricks

Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia has so many features that may confuse new players. But I will tell you 7 tips and tricks to help you understand the game in this Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia beginner guide.

If you ask me, is Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia f2p friendly? Yes, it is. This game is super f2p friendly.

There are so many sources that you can use to boost your total power to conquer your objectives. Gold, diamonds, hero scroll, gear scroll, etc. You can get all of them in large numbers for free.

This beginner guide will tell you 7 important tips and tricks that you can do in the early phase of the game. So you can progress your Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia game account much faster.

There is no specific order in this Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia guide. I make this guide list based on random sequences. Meaning that you don’t need to follow it step-by-step.

1. Guide to Get Heroes

Knights Raid Lost Skytopia Heroes Guide
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This is arguably the most asked and important question about a guide in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia.

There is some way that you can use to get new heroes. One of them is obviously, through Summon building where you will be offered with 2 banners: Normal Summon (up to 4-5 stars hero) and Legendary Summon (up to 6-7 stars hero).

In the early game, you can’t expect to pull in the Legendary Summon. The price is too expensive.

You better collect five 5 stars heroes and craft them into 1 six stars hero. If you are not satisfied with what you get, you may want to read this Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Reroll Guide.

Do this for your low rarity hero as well. Slow but sure, you will collect more and more 6 stars heroes.

You don’t need to be afraid of losing 4 heroes just for 1 hero. This one hero is still better than the 4 others. Also, you can only use a maximum of 5 heroes in the same team. Collecting trash heroes does not benefit you anything.

2. Guide to Upgrading Heroes

Did you worry about investing a lot of resources on the wrong hero? If yes, then you didn’t need to.

Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia has a system called Rebirth that you can use to reset hero to Lv. 1 and claim the resources back.

Use this feature to max upgrade your best hero right now. And when the times come for him to retire, you can Rebirth him. And use him as food to get a new higher star hero.

Your bank of Gold is almost infinity in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia, but for Hero Advance Stone, you need to be careful before using them. This material is harder to get.

Let’s say that you already have 1 six stars hero, 3 five stars heroes, and 1 four stars hero, my recommendation is you need to focus on your 1 six stars hero. Upgrade your five stars heroes with a mind to balance your team. For the four stars, just upgrade it to Lv. 20.

You can see here what heroes that you need to prioritize if you are lucky enough to get 7 stars hero, Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Tier List.

3. Increase Your Rank

Knights Raid Lost Skytopia Rank Guide
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Rank is one of the most important factors that determine your overall CP.

Besides giving you access to open the next mission, you can acquire a bonus improvement for your stats. It’s like a universal passive talent or skills system.

The job requirements to finish to increase your rank are not too hard. Usually, they will tell you to increase your CP, clear stages, get a new hero, do some new tasks, etc.

The last one is very helpful for the gamer to understand the mechanic of the game. It will demand you to join Arena, clear Daily Instance, craft new equipment in the Forging table, etc.

That’s why I don’t really think I need to explain it one by one in this beginner guide.

4. Click Every Red Dots That You See

Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia is one of the most curious games that I’ve played lately.

Because of that, you will see a lot of red dots that tell you there is something new that you probably need to visit. What happens if you do that? Most of them will give you some prizes.

When I say most of them, I mean it.

You can literally boost your account to get 1 million CP in just one seat just by collecting the rewards from those red dots.

To make it easier, you can claim a lot of free rewards by redeeming Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Gift Codes.

5. Expedition

Knights Raid Lost Skytopia Expedition Guide
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The Expedition menu is arguably one the best place to get the biggest reward in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia.

It will give you a reward if you unlock a new feature or new building in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia. In this guide, what I can tell you is, the smaller your level is, the easier the task is.

Because all you need to do is just level up your game account in order to unlock the new feature in the game.

6. Leveling Up

There are many ways to level up your game account. One of the ways is completing any task that Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia tells you to do. As I said, this can also help you to understand the game.

That method is actually the fastest and most efficient. You can climb your level in a flash improvement by doing that.

Secondly, you can use the Pray Temple to pray to the Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia’s Goddess. You will also get some Gold and EXP.

Third, finish the main quest one by one, and your level will follow.

7. Become Stronger Menu is Very Helpful

This small button that appears on the right side is actually very helpful to let you know how to increase your CP in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia.

It will guide you step-by-step to upgrade your party members by upgrading hero level, advance hero, star up, and increasing gear.

Use all of your resources for each of them. Nothing is useless. By far, advance hero even though need a rare material is still the best way to boost your CP.

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