Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Reroll Guide (3 Easy Steps)

Knights Raid Lost Skytopia brings us a player a lot of choices when getting heroes. Rerolling game account is one of the most needed things in this kind of schema.

Sometimes we will get the best heroes that we want, and other times we will get the bad characters, in this state, it’s normal if a lot of players prefer to reroll or reset their Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia account.

Lucky or not is what we need to decide what we gonna do. Rather than wasting your time in a bad luck account that already consumes the early and new player rewards, you better reroll to start a new game account with a fresh reward.

Some players always recommend that way, but is it true that we need to reroll in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia? In this mobile game guide, I will tell you my opinion about this thing.

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Do You Need to Reroll in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia?

People are correct about the last statement that I already above. I very much agree with that. A lot of mobile games through the years are already proving that.

But for this game, I don’t really recommend you to reroll your account if you judge it from the pull only. Not because the prize is unsatisfied, but because Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia have their own feature that supports f2p players.

Start to reroll your account when you have already converted 5 of your six-star heroes into a new 1 seven-star hero. Because this is the only kind of hero that you need until the late game.

UnlockGame offering that f2p friendly features to help us clear the content easier, so use it.

Also, you can use this Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia Tier List to find which heroes you better aim for.

How to Reroll in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia?

Knights Raid Lost Skytopia How to Reroll
Image via UnlockGame

Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia, fortunately, brings us an easy way to reroll the account so you can do that without releasing any single sweat.

It even gives us a way to change the server only or the whole account. You better do the second option if you want to redeem all the gift codes that Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia gives you.

So this is how to reroll your game account in Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia:

  1. Open your Knight’s Raid Lost Skytopia accout.
  2. In the Main City menu (a lot of buildings), go to System menu that has “Gears” logo.
  3. There are two option that you can use: the first one is change the server by pressing Switch button in Current Server tab; and the second one is by pressing Switch in the Account menu.

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