Legends of Lunia Complete Reroll Guide & Tips (5 Tricks)

Legends of Lunia is an RPG game from allm, where you can move your characters. Getting a better character is a must, and this Legends of Lunia reroll guide will tell you step-by-step how to reroll in Legends of Lunia.

After playing many RPG games, especially the idle one, Legends of Lunia bring something that every reroll enjoyer will like, a feature to delete an account.

So this Legends of Lunia reroll guide will talk about tips and tricks to reroll by deleting your account in Legends of Lunia.

Let’s start this reroll guide with the first tips and tricks without any further.

How to Reroll in Legends of Lunia?

Legends of Lunia Reroll Guide
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Rerolling in Legends of Lunia is very simple. After collecting what you want, The press and press process will only take your time for at least 2 minutes.

So this is how to reroll in Legends of Lunia:

  1. Launch Legends of Lunia
  2. Press Setting that located on the middle-right
  3. Open Reset Data
  4. Legends of Lunia will give a notice, press Yes if sure you want to reroll the game
  5. Enter confirmation code, then press Ok

You will start your account to Lv.1 again, where you need to clear the tutorial mode before you can access more content in Legends of Lunia.

If you are unsure how far you need to progress in each of your reroll accounts in Legends of Lunia, the second part of this reroll guide for Legends of Lunia will cover that.

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Do You Need to Reroll in Legends of Lunia?


Legends of Lunia is the fastest reroll account that I’ve already covered in this gaming blog.

Each of your reroll accounts only needs at least 5 minutes to play. In other words, only with one hour you can get a minimum of 10 reroll accounts of Legends of Lunia.

Besides having an option to resed data and 5 minutes reroll process, Legends of Lunia also have 40 summon pulls for each account.

Those combinations are the perfect example of user-friendliness for an early player.

The first thing you can do is collect new player rewards on your Legends of Lunia mail. It will give 20 summon tickets and 3000 Diamonds, which means you have 30 chances to pull your most wanted character in Legends of Lunia.

Now you need to clear stages 1-4. Collecting all the stages bonus will give you more Diamonds to achieve 40 character pulls in Legends of Lunia.

Reroll Criteria in Legends of Lunia

Legends of Lunia Rerll Guide Tips
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But unfortunately, I have some bad news to tell about this reroll guide for Legends of Lunia.

If you look at that image, the total chance of getting L (legendary) characters is less than 1%.

In any other gacha game, you will usually find that some games have a 3-6% probability of pulling the rarest character in the game. But how do they count that numbers? By adding up all the percentages of characters.

So Legends of Lunia only have a 0.27% chance to pull L-character. That number becomes very small because Legends of Lunia doesn’t divide their character and weapon banner.

So for me, getting an epic bow for Arien 60x pity and another epic character with their epic weapon is enough.

I can’t set a higher standard for this Reroll Guide for Legends of Lunia, even for myself.

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