Summoners Kingdom Complete Reroll Guide & Tips (5 Easy Steps)

Summoners Kingdom brings kingdom builder as its feature and mixes it with RPG idle style. Because of that, rerolling in Summoners Kingdom is needed because all players want to get at least one high-tier hero. This reroll guide will show you how to reroll in Summoners Kingdom.

Because luck does not always be with us, rerolling Summoners Kingdom is the answer. So this guide will only talk about rerolling.

Reroll means you start the game again, from the beginning, in the hope that this time, a good hero will come to you.

Summoners Kingdom has an easy method of rerolling the game. But the progress, you need to clear some tasks before choosing to reroll your account in Summoners Kingdom.

That’s why I create this complete reroll guide for Summoners Kingdom.

How to Reroll in Summoners Kingdom?

Summoners Kingdom Reroll Guide and Tips
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As I said, rerolling in this game is quite simple. And I will tell you the step-by-step on how to reroll in Summoners Kingdom. So let’s start with the first step.

  1. Launch Summoners Kingdom
  2. In the top-left, tap your Profile
  3. Press Setting (Gear logo)
  4. In the bottom, press More…
  5. Click Account and they will tell you to choose betwen Yes or No.

Before you start the game, you have an option between playing Summoners Kingdom with a guest account or playing with a Google Play account.

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Before I close this part of my rerolls guide for Summoners Kingdom, allow me to remind you. If you are sure that you need to reroll your in-game account, then you don’t need to bind your account. But if you don’t, you may want to bind your account first.

Do You Need to Reroll in Summoners Kingdom?

Summoners Kingdom Reroll Guide Tips
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If you have bad luck, like me, then yes. This is the second part of this reroll guide for Summoners Kingdom.

But the chance to get S-rarity (rarest) heroes in Summoners Kingdom is pretty small.

And you have two checkpoints before starting to reroll in Summoners Kingdom. The first one is by clearing chapter 3 rewards; in total, you will get 23 heroes to summon pull. The second one is clearing the chapter 4 rewards; you will get 70 pulls.

The first checkpoint needs at least 25 minutes to play, while the second one needs a minimum of 35 minutes.

I prefer to use the second checkpoint that gives 70 pulls. You will get almost 15k Diamonds from the Arena bonus.

If you are familiar with Cookie Run Kingdom, you might notice that Summoners KIngdom have some similarities. Besides the gameplay mechanic, they also have similarities in their gacha system, where you are pulling for the heroes and their shards.

Criteria to Reroll in Summoners Kingdom

Because the chance to get S-rarity heroes is only 3%, this reroll guide is also needed to lower the standard.

Getting at least three S-rarity heroes is more than enough. This is the tier list of Summoners Kingdom.

So you need more heroes to maximize your team’s slot in Summoners Kingdom fully.

But trusting gamer’s luck and spending more hours to reroll in Summoners Kingdom sometimes can be a good thing to do.

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