Summoners Kingdom Tier List and 5 Best Heroes Ranked

Summoners Kingdom tier list limit their hero rarity with only three rarities. Who are the best heroes among them is one question about this game. So I will answer it in this Summoners Kingdom tier list.

What makes me like Summoners Kingdom so much is how beautiful and fluid it’s graphic and animation. Every heroes’ animation skill looks cool in Summoners Kingdom.

But the excellent graphic is one thing, and the thing that can be considered as the most crucial aspect of playing an RPG game is how strong our heroes are.

Since Summoners Kingdom has many heroes, finding who is the best one is a little bit harder.

To find the best heroes in the game, I will create the tier list of Summoners Kingdom first.

Summoners Kingdom Tier List Criteria


Summoners Kingdom divides their heroes into roles and elements. Unfortunately, some heroes in Summoners Kingdom are only good if they have a party with specific criteria.

For example, a hero can only buff heroes with fire elements, or maybe a tank hero.

Whatever it is, I wouldn’t say I like that kind of hero. They are only exemplary, or can show their true potential when you have the requirement.

This kind of hero is only good if you are already playing this game for a longer time where you unlock almost any heroes in Summoners Kingdom.

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Rarities of Skill

The fewer who have it, the better he is. A unique skill that more occasional heroes only wield can increase his rank in this Summoners Kingdom tier list.

They also have a greater chance to become the best heroes in Summoners Kingdom. At least according to this tier list.

The heroes that have these criteria apparently have some powerful abilities too. So Summoners Kingdom makes them rare not without reason.

Five Star Heroes for Battlefield

Summoners Kingdom divides their heroes’ rarities into three sections: S-rarity as the most powerful overall yet very rare with only 3% pull chance, A-rarity with the last skill that has builder ability, B-rarity as a fodder.

So, S and A-rarities heroes have four skills. But they have a significant different dependent on what you need them.

A-rarity’s last skill is a passive that functions to support your kingdom. Meanwhile, S-rarity heroes function as the main heroes to clear any content because their last skill will function perfectly on the battlefield.

Because this is a tier list for clearing content; PvE and PvP, I will prioritize S-rarity heroes in this Summoners Kingdom tier list to be the best heroes.

All Skills Max Level

Upgrading the level of your heroes in Summoners Kingdom will also increase their skill level.

To make this Summoners Kingdom tier list fairer, I will rank the best heroes based on their maximum potential in the game.

I don’t put any specific weight on what skill or ultimate or passive; I will calculate all of them as fair as possible.

Summoners Kingdom All Heroes Tier List

Tier List



Leonidas, Hera, Artemis, Ishtar, Dark Knight


Raphael, Hecate, Odysseus, Promotheus, Apollonius


Heracles, Kukulkan, Circe, Isis, Zagan, Nun


Athena, Estes, Temujin, Medusa, Titania


Edward 1, Xerxes 1, Lorenzo Medici

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – SS

  • Ishtar (Earth – Defense)
  • Leonidas (Earth – Defense)
  • Dark Knight (Dark – Charge)
  • Hera (Light – Magic)
  • Artemis (Dark – Ranged)

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – S

  • Raphael – (Light – Defense)
  • Hecate – (Dark – Charge)
  • Odysseus – (Water – Ranged)
  • Prometheus (Fire – Support)
  • Apollonius (Dark – Support)

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – A

  • Maeve (Fire – Defense)
  • Heracles (Earth – Charge)
  • Kukulkan (Fire – Ranged)
  • Circe – (Water – Magic)
  • Isis (Wind – Magic)
  • Zagan (Dark – Defense)
  • Nun (Water – Support)

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – B

  • Athena (Light – Charge)
  • Estes (Wind – Ranged)
  • Temujin (Earth – Ranged)
  • Medusa – (Earth – Magic)
  • Titania – (Wind – Support)

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – C

  • Edward 1 (Fire – Charge)
  • Xerxes 1 (Fire – Magic)
  • Lorenzo Medici (Fire – Charge)

Ranked the 5 Best Heroes in Summoners Kingdom Tier List

Summoners Kingdom Tier List
Image via Cloud Joy

I only have five heroes classified as the best heroes in the game. We can shrink it again between them to find the actual best heroes in the Summoners Kingdom.

If you really need these best heroes, maybe you can try this reroll guide for Summoners Kingdom.

5. Ishtar

Ishtar is the mainstream tanker in any RPG game that has the ability to grant a shield to self and allies. But because this kind of skill is very important yet rare in Summoners Kingdom, putting Ishtar as the 5th best hero in the game doesn’t feel like an exaggeration.

4. Artemis

Artemis is the highest DPS in this Summoners Kingdom tier list. She is the one that you need if you need stacking DPS.

Artemis’s skills are functioned and synergize perfectly to create a deadly killing hunter. The longer the game you played, the harder she will hit. In the end, all of your enemies will die by her bow.

3. Leonidas

Leonidas is the king of buffing allies in this tier list. He can increase your allies’ ATK and ATK SPD, and at the same time, give your allies an ability to lifesteal.

Leonidas can be a reliable tank and support and the same time. Making him deserve to get 3rd spot as the best heroes in the Summoners Kingdom.

2. Dark Knight

Dark Knight’s durability comes from his attacking ability that has an enormous potential to be the greatest lifestealer.

He is the only hero who can instantly kill an enemy—definitely one of the most dangerous heroes in this Summoners Kingdom tier list.

Basic attack is Dark Knight’s primary source of damage, even though that’s not too deadly for other heroes, but for Dark Knight, it becomes a totally different story.

1. Hera

Hera is one of the most useful heroes in the Summoners Kingdom. She can almost do anything; dealing damage to all enemies, CC, buff, and even debuff.

Just name it, and Hera will give you. Putting her as the number best hero in the Summoners Kingdom tier list deserves something.

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