Summoners Kingdom Wiki Beginner Guide: 5 Early Game Tips

Summoners Kingdom starts the game by giving players a lot of pulls. But after that, what do you better do next? These are five beginner tips and wiki guides that you can use to progress faster in Summoners Kingdom.

As an Idre RPG mobile game, Summoners Kingdom set a new standard in terms of graphics. In fact, Summoners Kingdom is one of the most beautiful looking games in this genre.

Graphic + a LOT of pulls for a new player. Summoners Kingdom is like trying everything they can to pamper the players.

But Summoners Kingdom’s gameplay mechanic is actually a little bit harder than any idle game. Because you also need to build your Kingdom, that’s why they name the game Summoners Kingdom.

This wiki guide will give you five beginner tips on surviving in the early game, so you don’t build or upgrade the wrong thing.

1. Wiki Guide About Playing on Mobile Phone

I’m sorry if the first part of this wiki guide seems out of topic. Trust me, Summoners Kingdom is heavy and has the potential to burn your smartphone.

This is the first time that my phone feels very hot besides playing Genshin Impact.

What surprised me was this game is an IDLE game. Something that feels unusual for me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my phone got hot because playing adventure games, especially the one with an open-world map.

Summoners Kingdom Wiki Guide Graphic
Image via Cloud Joy

If you still haven’t played the game and want to know about Summoners Kingdom’s graphic setting, this is it:

That Ultra setting is no joke. You will get an eye-catching graphic with your battery as the hostage.

So what can I say about this first wiki guide of Summoners Kingdom is, it will be better if you prepare an additional cooler for your smartphone.

2. Wiki Guide to Kingdom

Your Kingdom is the second most crucial part of your heroes. This is the place that provides your heroes’ needs.

The best way to make your heroes stronger is by increasing their level, and you need EXP to do that.

But in Summoners Kingdom, that EXP that in other games is straightforward to get, in here you need to produce it from your houses.

Meanwhile, there is Farmland that can produce food. You need this energy to clear some challenges in Summoners Kingdom.

You also have an Order in Summoners Kingdom. This is the place where you provide some unique stuff for your heroes. All of that stuff can be gathered from your Kingdom.

In this Summoners Kingdom wiki guide, I mentioned three things above that are essential to your Kingdom in the early game.

What to upgrade first:

  1. House: This building is very important to help you clear PvE content in the early game. The scaling of enemies’ dificulity is kinda high in Summoners Kingdom. So if you are not fast, you will get stuck until your EXP potion is enough.
  2. Farmland: This is the place to produce Food, or you can say energy. I put Farmland in the 2nd part is because Summoners Kingdom has sweep feature. Sweep is very useful once you get stuck at a stage.
  3. Production buildings: You need to upgrade it to progress your Order. Summoners Kingdom have some great rewards once you complete for few times.
  4. Homeland Fortress: In other game, they usually gonna call it Castle. This building is your way to unlock more buildings for your kingdom. You need to clear some tasks and gather the special material to upgrade it. And the best way to acieve is by following my second wiki guide (upgrading productin buiding).
  5. Area: Once you played Summoners Kingdom for a while, you will realise the land that you have is pretty small. Upgrading it will give you an access to place more building.

3. You Need a Lot of Heroes

If you want to focus on PvP content in Summoners Kingdom, you need a lot of heroes.

Unlike mainstream RPG games where you only need to set up one team. In Summoners Kingdom, you need to create three teams to face one enemy.

In my previous guide about rerolling in Summoners Kingdom, I already told you that this mobile game would give you so many Diamonds.

It is very typical if players, including me, or maybe you, spend all of them summoning heroes. But unfortunately, even if there is a super lucky player that can pull eight or even nine S-rarity heroes, their journey is still long to full their team in Arena with S-rarities only.

In another place, is it right if players spend diamonds only on summoning heroes? Find also the best heroes in Summoners Kingdom tier list.

In the next part of this Summoners Kingdom wiki guide, let’s find out.

4. Wiki Guide on Spending Diamonds

Summoners Kingdom Wiki Guide Shop
Image via Cloud Joy

The first place other than summoning heroes is to upgrade the slot of your production building. The most important building that you need to focus on for the early games is Blacksmith.

Blacksmith is your central resource to create or upgrade other buildings. Upgrading its slot can give you a lot of benefits, even until the mid-game content.

The other building is up to you. For a material building that produces wood, wheat, or something like that, you can upgrade it far as you want. However, you better think twice before upgrading a production building like Blacksmith or Bakery.

Because the farther you upgrade, the more complex and more prolonged the item you need to produce it. It will trouble you later.

The Shop is another important thing you need to notice. Once in a day, the Shop will offer you 10 Key of Spirit with just 2700 Diamonds. In other words, discount 300.

So instead you buy the Key of Spirit in Summon menu, you better buy it in the Shop, once a day, whether you want to pull a character or not. Because if you don’t, at least you can save it for later.

5. Wiki Guide to Achievement

Summoners Kingdom Wiki Guide Achievement
Image via Cloud Joy

This is the last part of this wiki guide of Summoners Kingdom

Achievement in Summoners Kingdom is worthy of finishing. It can boost your progress in the game by giving you a lot of valuable resources, even Diamonds as the freemium resource in this game.

Summoners Kingdom divides their achievement system into five categories:

  • Spirits of the Brave: This Achievement is related to your heroes. Everything about heroes summoning and upgrading will affect Spirits of the Brave. Progress rewards: Key of Spirit.
  • Management: Everything about your Kingdom resources management like upgrading a building, finishing Order, consuming food, etc. Progress rewards: Speed bonus.
  • Construction: Correlated to upgrading all buildings in your Kingdom like Homeland level, Fortress level, owned land, etc. Progress rewards: Artisan Essence.
  • Adventure: Your progress in any PvE and PvP content like clearing stage and winning Arena will upgrade this achievement. Progress rewards: Diamond.
  • Grow: Related to how long you have already been in the game. Progress rewards: Diamond.

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