TapTap Universe Tier List Wiki Guide: Ranked 4 Best Heroes

TapTap Universe tier list wiki guide can help you determine which one is the best hero in this mobile game. TapTap Universe tier list classified all the important heroes to help you progress faster and easier in TapTap Universe.

TapTap Universe is an idle RPG mobile game from Morefun Technology Limited. Because TapTap Universe is idle, it means that you only need o set up your team and let your best heroes do the rest.

Playing TapTap Universe is easy and simple. The hardest part of this mobile gacha game is to collect the best heroes in the game.

But before you can reach that point, you need to know the heroes that you need to look for. So that’s why I created this TapTap Universe tier list guide.

Let’s start this TapTap Universe tier list wiki guide by telling you the criteria first.

TapTap Universe Tier List Criteria

Elite Only

Unfortunately, I can’t find the probability to acquire the elite hero, but one thing is for sure, at least from my experience, getting an elite hero is easy.

The main reason besides they have a better stat and skill, they also have a higher ascension potential. It will benefit you so much in the long run of TapTap Universe.

A’byssborn and S’tarbrust is Better

If you already play the Adelamyth tier list, you will be familiar with this kind of gameplay.

There are two races that definitely better than the others. In the TapTap Universe tier list, A’byssborn and S’tarbrust are the two that I mean.

They have better overall stats and rarer skills that are hard to get from the other races. If you want to reroll your TapTap Universe account, getting at least one A’byssborn or S’tarbrust is a good thing.

Skill is Far More Important

If you are looking for the best hero in TapTap Universe, you can go for their stats, but for me, skills are far more important.

Especially of how good and rare they are. Heroes that are classified as the SS tier in the TapTap Universe tier list are one of the best overall heroes in this mobile game.

Getting them will help you to progress this game faster.

Level 61

This is the level where you can get the 4th skill of every hero in TapTap Universe.

I know that it is still an early game, but in TapTap Universe, if a hero is good since the early game, they will be better in the long run, and vice versa.

Seeing their true potential since the early game is a thing I can apply to TapTap Universe. Unlike Summoners Kingdom tier list where I need to see them from their maximum potential.

TapTap Universe Tier List – All Heroes

Tier List

TapTap Universe Heroes


Ketugha, Atrak, Remiel, Tamuz


Nyarlathotep, Heggra, Michael, Muad'Dib, Laura, Qin, Leia


Anghel, Chitomi, Elsa, Gwill, Hippolyta, Kureko, Mei, Emily, Pantera


Salome, Crudoil, Rambo, Esmeralda, Merlin, Yuuko, Marlyn, Prof. Bose


Amanda, Lyudmila, Hapi, Zach

TapTap Universe Tier List – SS Tier

  • Ketugha (A’byssborn – Warrior – Strength)
  • Atrak (A’byssborn – Tank – Strength)
  • Remiel (S’tarbrust – Mage – Intelligence)
  • Tamuz (S’tarbrust – Support – Intelligence)

TapTap Universe Tier List – S Tier

  • Nyarlathotep (A’byssborn – Ranger – Dexterity)
  • Heggra (A’byssborn – Support – Intelligence)
  • Michael (S’tarbrust – Assassin – Dexterity)
  • Muad’Dib (S’tarbrust – Tank – Strength)
  • Laura (Ranger – Ranger – Dexterity)
  • Qin (Ranger – Assassin – Dexterity)
  • Leia (Apocalypser – Support – Intelligence)

TapTap Universe Tier List – A Tier

  • Anghel (Ranger – Tank – Strength)
  • Chitomi (Ranger – Warrior – Strength)
  • Elsa (Ranger – Mage – Intelligence)
  • Gwill (Wilder – Warrior – Strength)
  • Hippolyta (Wilder – Ranger – Dexterity)
  • Kureko (Apocalypser – Ranger – Dexterity)
  • Mai (Apocalypser – Tank – Strength)
  • Emily (Darkrestorer – Ranger – Dexterity)
  • Pantera (Darkrestorer – Tank – Strength)

TapTap Universe Tier List – B Tier

  • Salome (Ranger – Support – Inttelligence)
  • Crudoil (Wilder – Mage – Intelligence)
  • Rambo (Wilder – Warrior – Strength)
  • Esmeralda (Wilder – Mage – Intelligence)
  • Merlin (Apocalypser – Support – Intelligence)
  • Yuuko (Apocalypser – Assassin – Dexterity)
  • Marlyn (Darkrestorer – Mage – Intelligence)
  • Prof. Bose (Darkrestorer – Tank – Strength)

TapTap Universe Tier List – C Tier

  • Amanda (Wilder – Warrior – Strength)
  • Lyudmila (Apocalypser – Ranger – Dexterity)
  • Hapi (Darkrestorer – Mage – Intelligence)
  • Zach (Darkrestorer – Tank – Strength)

TapTap Universe Tier List – Ranked the Best Heroes

Taptap Universe Tier List Best Heroes
Image via Morefun Technology Limited

TapTap Universe tier list guide won’t be complete without ranking the best heroes in this mobile game to find out who is the best one.

I’ve got four heroes that can be considered as an SS tier hero, but between them, I will rank each of them in this ranked list guide.

4. Atrak

Atrak is a unique hero in this TapTap Universe tier list. She is a tank that can deal a lot of dangerous offensive abilities.

One thing that makes her scary is her ability to summon spikes that damage enemies.

3. Tamuz

Tamuz is the best healer on the TapTap Universe tier list. He is the one that you need if are looking for sustainability on the battlefield.

In terms of healing, Tamuz is the perfect example of how good a healer can be.

Placing Tamuz on the third spot on this TapTap Universe tier list is kinda hard, but the two others are on another level.

2. Ketugha

Ketugha is one of the hardest heroes to die, even though his class is not a tank. He has many abilities to make sure that he is still alive during your journey to clear the game.

Ketugha possesses the ability to evolve, and when he does that, he will become much stronger than you can imagine.

Placing him in the second-best hero in this TapTap Universe tier list is what he deserved.

1. Remiel

Remiel is the top of attacking heroes in the TapTap Universe tier list.

Because of how deadly her skill combo is, I put Remiel as the best hero in TapTap Universe.

Remiel’s first skill is the key. This skill will summon a plasma storm for 15s, and when she releases another skill, they will get buffed up because of that storm.

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