The Revolt Massing Reroll Guide: Complete Tips and Tricks

The Revolt Massing reroll guide and tips is what you need if you ask about did you need to reroll and how to reroll in The Revolt Massing. This mobile game, fortunately, brings an easy way on how to do that.

The Revolt Massing just like any other gacha mobile game. You need to collect some of the best heroes in The Revolt Massing, but if you fail, rerolling in The Revolt Massing might help you.

Especially because lucks only comes to a few gamers. By rerolling The Revolt Massing, you will have a chance to restart your mobile game account and test your luck once again.

I will help you do that by creating this The Revolt Massing reroll guide and tips.

So let’s start with the first guide by showing the step-by-step on how to reroll this mobile game.

The Revolt Massing Reroll Guide – How to Reroll?

The Revolt Massing How to Reroll, The Revolt Massing Reroll

As I said at the beginning of this The Revolt Massing reroll guide and tips, rerolling this game is very easy and quick. If we only talk about the method, you can do that in less than forty seconds.

So this is how to reroll in The Revolt Massing:

  1. Open The Revolt Massing on your smartphone
  2. In the main menu, go to “+” button (located on the bottom-right)
  3. Press Settings
  4. You have two options. First, by rerolling your game account and use Switch Account. Second, by rerolling your server and choose Switch Server.

Both of them are useful. Since The Revolt Massing is still a newly released mobile game, choosing the server won’t really affect how you face other players. Because they are all a new player like you.

Just make sure that you Bind your account first before you use The Revolt Massing reroll feature, especially if you are unsure about your future luck.

Do You Need to Reroll in The Revolt Massing?

No, the chances to pull new heroes in The Revolt Massing are very limited.

Among all of my reroll guides and tips, The Revolt Massing reroll guide is the simplest one. I can’t really explain a thing besides telling you about how to reroll the game.

Why? Because I can’t even sure that “reroll” terms is exist on The Revolt Massing. I have already given you the complete list of The Revolt Massing Gift Code, but unfortunately, you need to level up your account to Lv. 30 before you can open the rewards code.

To make it worse, there is no such thing as a new player reward in The Revolt Massing. Meaning that you need to grind your mobile game account before you can gacha the heroes.

The best tips that I can give to you in this The Revolt Massing reroll guide is to do what they recommend you to do like follow, review, and set up your country. It will give you 9 Contract Summon Scrolls.

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