Mobile Legends Adventure Best Tank Heroes in 2022 (Top 13 Ranked)

Mobile Legends Adventure is the Idle RPG from Moonton. Like its name, this mobile game is an RPG version of their MOBA game Mobile Legends. Meaning that you will find almost all characters in regular Mobile Legends in this ML Adventure. Just like their brother, Mobile Legends Adventure also has its own best heroes.

But what I want to tell you here is more specific, I want to share with you the top 13 best tank heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure.

If people ask me what is the hardest role in Mobile Legends, I will say Assassin. But in ML Adventure, we don’t play it but watch it. So in this game, the hardpoint is deciding to fill who is the best hero for that role.

In this case, Tank is one of the hardest heroes to search in Mobile Legends Adventure.

ML Adventure is already classified its heroes based on their own class and specialty. But for some heroes, especially tankers who need to receive a lot of damage, is sometimes very fragile.

I even need to read it one time more in case I read it wrong. But no, Moonton is literally putting heroes that are better to be a fighter into the tank category.

So this is it, the top 13 tankers in Mobile Legends Adventure from worst to best.

Criteria to Rank the Best Tanker in Mobile Legends Adventure

How good are they to protect the allies?

That’s it, that’s the only I need in this role. Mechanics, skill cooldown, difficulty? That kind of thing only happens in regular Mobile Legends. In ML Adventure, I only need them to fill the empty role, and how capable are they.

But to respect Moonton’s decision, I’m not gonna put any fighters on this list. Only the ones that Moonton’s already classified as a tank. Even though some of them is crazy in term of my above condition.

Top 13 Best Tank in Mobile Legends Adventure

13. Thamuz

It’s funny how Mobile Legends Adventure put him in the tank category but removed his lifesteal. In Mobile Legends, Thamuz is literally the god of 1v1.

He can match best-tier heroes like Lapu-Lapu- Yu Zhong, and Uranus. Why? Because his lifesteal. But in here, Thamuz can only stack his defense. That’s the only source of his toughness.

Even his ultimate is very useless as a tank. Why does a tank even need to deal more damage? It’s okay if he already has something to be proud of as a tank, then he can deals damage as much as he wants. But that’s not the case.

12. Grock

If Grock’s charges are very annoying in Mobile Legends, then in ML Adventure he’s just joking.

I even want to meet him personally and ask, “Why do you do that? I can’t find any purpose in your’s ultimate. You are a tank!”

But luckily, he’s got healing ability for allies and debuff ability to reduce enemy’s agility.

11. Gatotkaca

“Otot kawat tulang besi.” Those are Gatotkaca’s signature words, meaning that’s he supposed to be a tough hero.

Unfortunately, Gatotkaca in ML Adventure is far away to be worthy enough to get called like that, or even the best tank in Mobile Legends Adventure.

Once you upgrade him to level 61, you will finally get a defensive ability. 4% shield every skill that he releases.

10. Freya

I’m a little bit surprised when I first see Freya’s class is turnout to be a tank. All of her skills are supposed to be a fighter, like what she does in Mobile Legends

But a fact is still a fact, and fortunately, Freya is not that bad as a tank. You can put her in your team as long as you bring another hard-to-die hero.

The main source of Freya’s defensive ability comes from her ultimate, she will turn into Valkyrie State and gain a shield. She can also turn the absorbed shield into her HP.

9. Akai

Akai is good at the first sight, he will protect allies with a frog shield, until you realize that’s the only defensive source that he got.

But if your team has a far higher point or strong DPS, this skill will be very useful. You will erase your enemies even before they can’t break your shield.

The other thing he is capable to do is crowd-controlling enemies. Exactly like what he does in regular Mobile Legends.

8. Argus

The SS-tier characters that other people said, but for me, you really need a big investment or a far gap between your power and your enemies in order to see Argus’s capability.

The only thing that Argus doing good is immune to death for a few secs while stealing enemies HP a little bit. After that phase, he will die, instantly. Because he is literally does not have any other defensive skills.

His attacks are increasing step by step, but let’s get back to his main purpose, he is a TANK.

7. Hylos

In regular Mobile Legends, Hylos is a tank that can be used as a Jungler because of his AoE damage per second.

Unfortunately in Mobile Legends Adventure, that skill is a little bit not too useful. But at least Hylos still brings good news with his pathway that increases allies’ ATK and heals himself.

I can’t see any other things that can be proud of from him. Sorry.

6. Belerick

Starting from number 6 with Belerick, we will finally start to see some heroes that can be seen as the true tanks in Mobile Legends Adventure.

Belerick is a very capable Tank because of his regeneration and damage reduction.

He has 2 healing abilities actually, one from his ultimate, and the other is from Lv. 41 skill that can steal a little bit of enemy’s HP.

5. Uranus

Just like Belerick, Uranus is excell at his healing ability. What makes him better is that he can also heal all allies.

In this list, Uranus is one of the best tankers in terms of healing ability. Unlike Thamuz’s stacking ability that only increase one thing, Uranus can use it to more things.

While dealing damage, Uranus can also acquire a shield. Making Uranus harder to kill.

4. Atlas

Atlas is actually like the others tank above that somehow has much attacking ability. The reason why I put him on the 4th list is because in all of his attacks, he has CC ability.

So what about his defensive department? He also does this very well. You can rely on Atlas to protect your team because he has so many shields.

His Lv. 61 skills is a passive that grants Atlas a shield each time he lost 20%HP. Shield, shield, and shield. Atlas easily becomes one of the best tankers in Mobile Legends Adventure.

3. Lolita

In Mobile Legends, I put Lolita as the best tanker in the game. While in Mobile Legends Adventure, I need to put her on the third list, not because Lolita is not good enough, but because the first and second are just too good to be true.

A lot of players put Lolita in the best tier is because of his AoE stuns ability. That’s true for me, that skill is really amazing.

But the main reason I put Lolita in the third place is because of her shield that can protect allies from all incoming projectiles. She is not as hard as the three tanks I already told above, but at least she still has a shield every 10 seconds.

2. Martis

Martis is the epitome of the best attack is the best defense. If all the tanks I already tell using attack and make their role becomes confusing, Martis is not the case.

Martis is the best tanker with his HP stealing ability. He uses this cheating skill to attack, and at the same time, provide him with sustained ability.

He has the ability to swap his HP to an enemy with some number limitations, but at least, he can do this with a 9 seconds cooldown.

1. Xeno

The second most badass looking heroes after Mecha Layla. Both of them have a futuristic style that makes them appear that they are from the future. But what about Xeno’s capability? Don’t worry, I put her as the number 1 best Tank in Mobile Legends Adventure is not because of how she looks, but her abilities alone.

Xeno’s ultimate is good, very good actually, but not good enough to turn her into the best tanker.

The main reason why Xeno is very tough is that her Lv. 61 skill is a passive ability that grants her ability to heal per second based on how many allies are still alive.

You may think that is not good enough too, but wait until you see her Lv. 11 skill. This skill is also a passive skill, and gives her the ability to support ally with HP lower than 30% with healing and damage transferring to herself.

Meaning that she has the best ability to protect your party members, and herself also.

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