10 Best Assassin in Mobile Legends Right Now (Ranked)

Assassin is arguably the most popular class in Mobile Legends right now. Many people wondering how to counter them, and among all the Assassin that this mobile game provides to us, who is the best?

Best Assassin in Mobile Legends
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After creating a guide on how to counter Assassin, I don’t think it is fair if I don’t praise them. At least by creating this top list, I hope I can make Assassin user around there feels better.

This 10 top list is actually just a deeper version of my previous guide about Mobile Legends tier list. If we were talking about all roles and classes, right now, we only talk about Assassin.

After a big update this week (January 21, 2021), there’s a big change about this top list.

A forgotten Assassin that nobody sees, moves his spot among the top 3 most powerful Assassin in Mobile Legends. And when a hero climbs their spot to the top, the others need to go down.

Who? You may ask, so without any further, let us see the top 10 best Assassin in Mobile Legends.

10. Alucard

He’s old. Alucard is even one of the founding heroes in Mobile Legends.

In his primetime, a lot of players considered Alucard as the king of Lifesteal. Right now? Answering that question is much harder this day because there’s Yu Zhong that appears as one of the strongest fighters in the game that’s also has a great Lifesteal too.

Fearless is what makes Alucard scary. He believes in his Lifesteal so much and never thinks, even a bit, about dying. I didn’t make this up, that is how a lot of Epic players play.

9. Benedetta

The only Assassin in this list that’s belongs to EXP Lane. Of course, you can use Benedetta as a Jungler, and she’s still good actually.

But that was the old META. Right now, because of how agile she is, a lot of players prefer to use Benedetta as an Offlaner. She is one of the best hero if you need immune to crowd control and roaming lane per lane faster.

Did I already mention Lifesteal? That thing is actually one of her main selling points. However, don’t expect her to be on the same level as Alucard and Yu Zhong. They are already above any league.

8. Ling

The second best freestyler hero in this mobile game. If you want to impress someone about how fast hand you are, you can use Ling.

The way you play him is actually very simple, you just need to capture all of his fallen swords to deal AoE DMG. But in that simplicity, you can die anytime if you are not fast enough.

After Fanny’s big nerf in the past, Ling is the number 1 hero to roam the whole map. Making farm is an easy thing for him. Just learn how to read the minimap, or what people call Macro, and you will find how good is he

7. Lancelot

If I put Ling as the second-best freestyler, then Lancelot is the best.

If we compare them in terms of overall capability, Lancelot is definitely stronger than Ling. However, Lancelot was the second hardest hero to master after Fanny. Right now, after Mobile Legends decides to revamp him, I can say that he’s equal to Ling.

Playing Lancelot is about stacking his first skill before using his others. But if you can do this most of the time, then you will definitely win most of the time too. His damage is very sick, especially her triangle bunshin.

6. Karina

Correct me if I’m wrong, Karina get a big revamp in Q2 2021. And since that, she becomes very powerful even though not many people realize it.

What’s funny about this Assassin is, you can use a full tank build and she still delivers an amount of DMG. Not big enough of course, but with her toughness, she has a body like a Fighter and agility like any Assassin.

Karina is actually what I recommend if you want to play an Assassin, but you are still new to the game. Her mechanic is simple but deadly and useful. She was the best Magical Assassin before Aamon comes to Land of Dawn.

5. Fanny

This inspired Attack on Titan Assassin got a big buff in this early year. She is already strong, but with this buff, she probably will get into the META again. Even for the official tournament like MPL.

If you ask who is the hardest hero to master in Mobile Legends, Fanny is always put in the number 1 spot. Since Moonton created Mobile Legends until now.

There is the day when Fanny can 1vs5 and comes with a Savage, or Penta Kill. This new buff just makes her closer to her primetime. But don’t expect her to be like Ling, she is still not a traveler.

4. Hayabusa

Shadow of Iga. The arch-enemy of corrupted ninja, Hanzo. A Ninja with 2 girls always chasing him.

Hayabusa’s story is like what MC has in isekai anime. And like any MC, he was very powerful and reaching OP status in terms of battle ability. Moonton even needs to nerf him twice in a row.

But if people think Hayabusa is weak in this day, they are wrong. With all of his ninja ability, killing enemies is actually kinda easy. His mechanic only forces you to remember his shadows, and fast hand enough to teleport between them.

3. Yi Sun Shin

This inspired South Korea National Hero was just a usual Marksman. But now, he become one of the best heroes in Assassin and Marksman class.

However, playing him is much harder after his big revamp. You need to switch precisely between his bow and his sword. Once you do it well, you will see a big critical number on your phone screen from time to time.

Imagine killing any hero with only his Basic Attack. That’s how powerful he is. One thing more, he is the best or the fastest hero to clear jungle if you already got War Axe. In the late game, he is the fastest Lord Slayer in this mobile game.

2. Aamon

The newest Assassin in Mobile Legends. He steals Karina’s place as the best Magical Assassin, and moves further to the second slot.

Aamon is like Natalia. But if Natalia’s best role is Roamer, Aamon as an Assassin is a Jungler. At the same time, he kinda reminds me of Gusion. But instead of daggers, he use shards as his main weapon.

What makes him almost OP, is that he can camouflage and can’t be targeted every time he uses his skills. Aamon combines the enhanced damage of his Basic Attack and his skill combo to burst any hero.

1. Helcurt

I don’t really remember when Mobile Legends releases Helcurt. But one thing for sure, if any Assassins above are already got nerfed and not on their primetime, Helcurt 2022 is the best and strongest version of any Helcurt.

Just like Lancelot, you need to collect your stacks first before releasing your main damage source. With his new super buff (revamp level), gaining stacks is much easier.

Also, his second skill is like Basic Attack. You can spam it and deals a semi-long-range attack with it. There are also other buffs that make Helcurt deserve the top spot as the best Assassin in Mobile Legends.

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